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Singapore is a renowned travel destination that attracts a throng of people throughout the year. It is both a city and a country, making it special among all the travel destinations. More importantly, there are several wonderful tourist attractions in Singapore. Merlion Park is one of them. Tourists come to this destination in large numbers to see the iconic Merlion, which is part lion and part fish.

Merlion is the national icon of Singapore with an interesting story behind it. If you have not visited this amazing destination before, you would want to come here with full-fledged preparation so that you can make your maiden visit unique. Read on to know some interesting facts about Singapore’s Merlion Park, its timings, and other key aspects.

Singapore a Singapura: Fishing Village and Lion City

While you may find Merlion fascinating at the first sight, its significance goes beyond its structures. Most experts believe it transcends the boundaries of a mere tale and has profound importance. At the outset, it looks like a unique statue carved out of creativity. To understand its importance in the true sense of the term, you have to consider its figurative significance.

In the past, Singapore was a fishing village. The body of the Merlion, which resembles a fish, reflects it. In ancient times, people used to call the city by the name Temasek which has its origins in the word ‘tasek”. The latter means lake in Malay, the local language of Malaysia.

The modern name of Singapore has been taken from Singapura, which, in Sanskrit, translates into lion city. The legend has it that a prince of Palembang, namely Sang Nila Utama, landed on the shores of Singapore amid a tempest. He belonged to the Srivijaya Dynasty. The prince spotted a unique creature that he found strange. It resembled a lion, and hence Singapore got its name Singapura.

Merlion Park Opening Hours

Merlion Park Opening Hours

Tourists visit Merlion Park for several reasons. Some of them turn up to explore the highest level of creativity and architecture. Others come to this place for cultural, historical, or other reasons. Regardless of your reason to visit the place, you would want to know about the timings for which it remains open.

The best part about Merlion Park is that you can come here at any time. It remains open for 24 hours and 365 days. As a result, you can choose your convenient time to come here without being worried about the timing-related constraints.

Merlion Park Location

Merlion Park is at One Fullerton in Singapore close to the Central Business District (CBD).

Things to do in Merlion Park

You can uncover a number of activities in Merlion Park other than catching that ideal Instagram shot with Singapore’s famous symbol.

1. Watch the Grand Light Show

Experience the enchantment of Singapore’s breathtaking light show from an interesting vantage point at Merlion Park. As night falls, the city’s horizon changes into an energetic embroidery of lights, with the entrancing display glistening off the waters of Marina Inlet.

From the recreation area, you’ll have an unhampered perspective of the well-known Spectra – A Light and Water Show, which combines lasers, wellsprings, and visual projections to make a spellbinding presentation.

This remarkable presentation of light, sound, and water development isn’t to be missed during your visit to Merlion Park. Investigate the best viewing spots to enjoy this light show.


An exceptional strategy for profiting from your trip to Merlion Park is to walk or cycle around the Marina Strait waterfront promenade.

Set out on a pleasant 3.5-km running course in Singapore that offers stunning views as it crosses a portion of the city’s most Instagrammable spots.

Admire the world’s drifting Apple store, Helix Extension, ArtScience Gallery, Singapore Flyer, and the famous Marina Straight Sands. Add Nurseries by the Narrows to your cycling course for a more fulfilling trekking trip.

How to go to Merlion Park

The nearest MRT station to Merlion Park is Wagers Spot (EW14/NS26).

From Marina Bay by Sands: You can go to Merlion Park from Marina Inlet Sands by foot, train, bus or private vehicle.

By foot: Go for an 18-minute stroll along the Marina Straight Waterfront Promenade.

Via train: Take the Midtown Line from Bayfront (CE1/DT16), and get off at Downtown (DT17). Then, take a walk for 13 minutes to reach the destination.

By bus: Take transport 106 or 133 from the Sands Theater, and pull over 2 stops later at The Esplanade. It will take a 10-minute walk from here.

Singapore Waterway Journey

There are numerous ways to reach the Merlion, however, we suggest a journey down the Singapore Stream to the breakwater, nearest to the sculpture.

The Singapore Stream Voyage is a 40-minute ride on a natural bumboat that wanders through the beautiful regions of Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and Marina Straight.

Other than the Merlion sculpture, sightseers can see a portion of Singapore’s notable landmarks, for example, Marina Inlet Sands, ArtScience Gallery, Sir Stamford Wagers Sculpture, and the Esplanade, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Travelers can land or jump on at Clarke Quay Breakwater along the stream and proceed by walking.

The activities that you would not want to miss out upon visiting Merlion Park include the ones given below.

1. Explore the Merlion Park by taking a walk

From Marina Bay, the view of Merlion Park can make you fall in love with it at first sight. The Merlion, which has a body resembling a fish and the head of a lion, looks nothing shorter than a wonder. It looks all the more stunning when it spouts water. The greenery surrounding it and the natural beauty of the park can captivate the heart and mind of any nature lover. You can stroll around the park to explore these attractions.

2. Behold Marina Bay’s water and light show

Behold Marina Bay’s water and light show

The Merlion Park Light Show attracts a large number of tourists to Marina Bay at night. At the time of the light show, the setting becomes mesmerizing with brilliance and glittering lights from the water. If you are fond of brilliant laser shows, then you would not want to miss out on this one.

This light show begins at 8 PM and 9 PM between Sunday and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the show also begins at 10 PM.

3. Check out Gardens by the Bay

Check out Gardens by the Bay

Adjacent to the reservoir of the Marina Bay is a beautiful nature park that blends nature with technology. This visually pleasing nature park has two popular attractions. These include the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. All you need to do to explore the beautiful nature park is to take a stroll. Even though you are not a habitual walker, you will still be able to explore Garden by the Bay without any difficulty. You can explore the entire nature park by walking in just 20 minutes.

4. Taste Mouthwatering European flavour at the 1919 Waterboat House

The 1919 Waterboat House is a special restaurant with a great ambience. Whether you are a foodie or not, you will find it romantic. It has a rooftop bar that presents a stunning view of the glistening lights of Singapore. Alongside popular European cuisines, you can also enjoy cocktails while catching the amazing views of the well-lit Singapore city from the rooftop.

FAQs about Merlion Park

Do you need a ticket to enter Merlion Park?

While Singapore has a long list of tourist attractions, the majority of them have a ticketing system. However, you don’t need to worry about this aspect to explore Merlion Park. You can enter it without a ticket. Because you do not need a ticket, you also do not need to worry about its charges.

How to get to Merlion Park?

There is no tram route to come to Merlion Park. There are other routes, though. You can come here easily either by road or the rail route. Both have a rapid transit system to help you arrive at the venue without delay. If you come by the bus route, you have to get down at Fullerton Square. Raffles Place is the nearest MRT station.

What are the activities spice up your visit to Merlion Park?

You would not want to miss out on certain activities after arriving at the renowned fishing village in Singapore on a Singapore visit visa. By indulging in them, you can jazz up your visit to the country.


Merlion Park is a must-visit tourist destination for nature lovers as well as those who are interested in exploring the history and culture of Singapore. It has a restaurant and a nature park nearby. Plus, the water and light show of the Mariana Bay also gives tourists the perfect reason to come here. When you come to this destination on a Singapore tourist visa, do not forget to make it memorable by indulging in the abovementioned activities. Moreover, the public transport in Singapore is so good and efficient that you can use it to visit Merlion Park and all the other attractions of the city.

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