Get To Know More About The Singapore Letter of Introduction 2024


Singapore is highly acclaimed for its magnificent culture, traditions, festivities, modern infrastructure, smart & friendly population, and wide acceptance of global tourists who flock to Singapore for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday experience. A Singapore letter of Introduction is one of the mandatory documents to be submitted for processing your Singapore visa application. On successful approvals, individuals can enter Singapore as per their applied visa category and purpose of travel.

Why is Singapore A Preferred Tourist Destination?

Singapore is a renowned holiday destination due to multiple reasons. Being a melting pot of diverse cultures and backgrounds, living peacefully in harmony is one of the best reasons for visiting Singapore and being a super clean and green city decorated with lush green spaces around Singapore, making it one of the most relaxing destinations in the region. In addition, many global citizens and organizations have set bases in Singapore. Singapore hosts several events/conferences/business meetings that invite people globally to participate in these events/conferences/business meetings.

What is a Letter of Invitation?

Singapore invitation letter provides official confirmation of the payment of registration fees and an official invitation to the paid applicants to participate in an upcoming event/conference/business meeting in Singapore. If we put it in simple words, it is an official invitation from a resident or citizen of Singapore to visit Singapore – used only for administrative purposes or one of the mandatory documents required to be submitted as part of your Singapore visa application.

We also understand that everyone will not have a close associate, family, or friend in Singapore. Hence, certified partners or local agents can help applicants get a letter of Introduction Singapore visa.

Criteria For A Letter of Introduction

  • Applicants should be registered either as an audience or author of an abstract or paper presented during the event/conference/business meeting. 
  • Confirm the fully paid fees for participating in the event/conference/business meeting.
  • For all successful applicants who have applied for a Singapore invitation letter, the soft and hard copies of the invitation letter will be sent to the applicant’s email and address, respectively.

Singapore invitation letter is available for all global citizens classified into two categories. Each category varies as per the type of visa obtained as part of your Singapore invitation letter application.

Level 1 Classified Countries

Level 1 classified countries apply for an evisa for entering Singapore. The citizens of the following countries fall in Level 1 type of countries – Commonwealth of Independent States, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Guinea, India, Liberia, Holders of Hong Kong Document of Identity, Macau Special Administrative Travel Permit Holder, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, People Republic of China, Uzbekistan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ukraine, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan.

Level 2 Classified Countries

Level 2 classified countries need to have a paper visa while entering Singapore. The citizens of the following countries fall in Level 2 type of countries – Afghanistan, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Pakistan, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, and Lebanon.

Mandatory Supporting Documents For Singapore Invitation Letter

The following documents must be submitted while filing your Singapore invitation letter application.

  • Original Passport validity of a minimum of six months 
  • Two recent passport size photographs against a white background
  • UAE visa with a minimum validity of 1 month
  • Singapore invitation letter from a resident or citizen of Singapore
  • All citizens of Level 1 classified countries should have a 30-day multi-entry UAE visa. All Level 2 classified countries should have a 30-day double entry UAE visa.
  • Your Singapore invitation letter application should state your home country’s address and email ID.

Key Points For The Photo Specifications

It is important to ensure that you fulfill the Singapore visa photo size requirement while submitting the pictures.

  • Do not use tampered or used photographs with any birders or minimum face coverage that have been previously used in other visa copies.
  • Headgears should be avoided unless required from a religious or racial custom/tradition perspective. 
  • The headgear should not hide any facial recognition features. 
  • Applicant’s hair should not cover their eyes or eyebrows
  • Picture lighting should not be dull or dark
  • Strictly avoid copies of used photographs
  • Avoid glasses as they lead to glare or reflection in the picture resolution.

Validity of Your Singapore Visa

The Singapore visa issued to the applicant on successful approval of the Singapore visa application is valid for two years, with multiple entries allowed, with each stay permitted for 30 days only. The Singapore visa issued to the applicant on successful approval of the Singapore visa application is valid for two years, with multiple entries allowed, with each stay permitted for 30 days only. You can apply for Singapore visa extension or renewal when the validity of the visa ends.

Letter of Invitation Processing Time

Letter of Introduction Singapore visa can be issued to candidates or applicants who get a confirmation of their event/conference/business meeting registration. Once all the information is shared along with the Singapore invitation letter application, the invitation letter can easily be processed in 7-21 days, excluding any weekends or public holidays.

Always keep sufficient time for processing your Singapore invitation letter as clarifications to and forth can be time-consuming and derail your Singapore travel plans.

The organizer will sign the Singapore invitation letter and address the person who wishes to apply for a Singapore visa application. It is important to remember that not submitting the letter of introduction is one of the reasons for visa rejection for Singapore. So you must submit it along with the other documents while applying for Singapore visa.

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