Explore Some Interesting and Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Singapore


No matter how much time you spend on this beautiful island, you still feel short of missing something. Every day there are new things to learn and Singapore never shies from amazing you each time every day during your Singapore travel. Below listed are some of the amazing things you did not know about Singapore which would help you have a great time during your Singapore holidays. These facts can be useful Singapore travel information along with some amazing Singapore facts when you plan a trip here.

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Interesting Fun Things about Singapore You Never Knew

1. Singapore is one of the three surviving city-states across the globe

Singapore is one of the three surviving city-states across the world. The other two being the Vatican City and Monaco. The capital of Singapore is Singapore itself, so ideally speaking there is no capital of Singapore.

2. Singapore comprises of 60 beautiful islands

You won’t believe this one, but yes! This is true. Singapore comprises of 60 beautiful islands. Some of the popular ones include Pulau Ujong, Pulau Semakau, Island City, Mah, and Pulau Tekong.

3. The national anthem of Singapore is on the micro text on the back of the $1000 note

If you ever get a chance to place your hands on one $1000 note, flip it over and you can see the lyrics of the national anthem of Singapore. One of the coolest things which you would ever come across.

4. 6 number of times the time zone has changed for Singapore since 1995

Prior to 1982, for 36 years, Singapore was 7.5 hours ahead of GMT. Post-1982, the Singapore Standard Time was changed to 8 hours ahead of GMT. This was primarily because Malaysia wanted to standardize their timing across East and West Malaysia. Singapore would have been left behind if they would be the only one 7.5 hours ahead of GMT.

5. There are natural hot springs located in Sembawang and Pulau Tekong

Situated in the northern tip of the city-state, visiting the natural hot springs is one of the things to do in North Singapore. This is the only place in Singapore where you would find a natural hot spring.

The natural hot spring at Sembawang Air Base is placed along Jalan Ulu Sembawang where the water flows through the granite stones at 150 liters per minute. The source of the water is unknown, but some studies have indicated that the water could be on the high ground at Bukit Timah. The public can enjoy these natural attractions daily from 7 am to 7 pm.

The one at Tekong is not very popular as it is located in the northern part of Unum, which is considered by many as one of the haunted parts of Tekong. But that has not left it isolated, as the spring is well maintained along with a signboard and boardwalk.

6. You will not find any lions here

Sang Nila Utama, a Srivijayan Prince from Palembang saw a creature which he felt was a lion and named the island Singapura. Singapore is often referred as the Lion City in Sanskrit, but as a matter of fact, there are no lions in this beautiful lion city.

7. There is another place in the world named Singapore

There is a town which is named the Singapore Yacht Club which is located at the end of the town. People here refer it as the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

8. Singaporeans walk faster than most on the planet

Singaporeans walk the fastest on this planet according to a research conducted by the British Council. On an average, Singaporeans can cover a distance of 6.15km in an hour which 18 meters in 10.55 seconds. A speed at which the bumblebees fly. No wonder Singaporeans are referred as busy bees.

9. A 1-hectare plot within Bukit Timah Nature Reserve houses more tree species than in North America

Well! This is quite a record to hold considering its tiny size. But this 1-hectare plot in Bukit Timah Nature Reserves houses 400 species of trees. But these trees are dying faster at a 3% mortality rate higher than Malaysia. Researchers from NTU’s Asian School of the Environment are on the case to find the root causes of the same.

10. The location of SMU was initially an Indian convict’s prison who was involved in the construction works of colonial Singapore.

Many Indian convicts were transported from India and Hong Kong to Singapore in the early 19th century. Due to the crowd intensity of the convicts, a prison was built at Bras Basah to accommodate all of them. The prison was also called as Lau Kah Ku Keng Khau. Here they were trained in construction work skills like masonry, painting, blacksmithing, carpentering, and much more. St. Andrew’s Cathedral was also built on such convict labor. The tree which was planted by one of the prisoners still stands strong at the University.

11. Singapore has the biggest Yakult bottles in Southeast Asia

Now the favorite Yakult bottles come with big sizes to fulfill your childhood cravings. The Yakult bottles in Singapore are probably the biggest overseas and it comes at an expense too. But one wouldn’t mind paying a premium for owning a bigger Yakult bottle.

12. Singapore has a ‘Hug-Me’ Coca-Cola machine in the NUS

Looking for a bear hug? The National University of Singapore has a ‘Hug Me’ Coca-Cola dispensing machine. Here the machine dispenses a bottle of Coke when the person hugs the machine with its arms around the machine. It’s true that money can’t buy love but it can surely get you some Coke to quench your thirst.

13. Singapore is one of the few countries who have official Tintin shops

Many places in this world have authorized resellers, but the official dedicated Tintin shops are present only in five countries namely Belgium, Japan, Spain, the UK, and Singapore.

Singapore is a beautiful country which has many tourist attractions and continues to amaze you each time you visit this place no matter whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned visitor. The best part is that is a family-friendly tourist destination, as there are plenty of things to do in Singapore with kids.

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