Bridges Near Fort Canning Park Singapore to Visit on a Vacation

Fort Canning Reservoir

Singapore, the city of the future, with its low crime rate and greenery is a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. It is the cleanest city state with plenty of greenery and other attractions. If you are ready to set off to Singapore with your Singapore tourist visa, Fort Canning Park is a place where you should spend more time. You will need it to enjoy all the attractions in and around the park.

One of the offbeat places to visit in Singapore, Fort Canning Park is called a gateway to fascinating historical insights from the yesteryear. It is situated in central Singapore, and you will find plenty of attractions here like ancient artefacts, outdoor lawns for concerts, lush greenery, the Spice Garden, the ASEAN Sculpture Garden, and the former underground military complex- Battle Box. With so much to do here, Fort Canning Park is one of the best kid-friendly places to visit in Singapore. Then, there are some famous bridges you must visit near Fort Canning Park.

Fort Canning Reservoir

Alkaff Bridge:

You will find this bridge at a short distance from Fort Canning Park in central Singapore if you go via Clemenceau Ave or Clarke Quay. It is a pedestrian bridge that spans the Singapore River. Shaped like a tongkang, a light boat, it is named after a prominent and affluent Arabian family. It was painted by internationally acclaimed Filipino artist Pacita Abad, using 55 colours. It is also Singapore’s first ‘Bridge of Art’. Walk along the promenade on the banks of the river, click plenty of photographs, and create memories.

Helix Bridge:

This Bridge, formerly known as the double helix bridge, is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina centre with Marina south. On foot it is about 1.6 km from Fort Canning Park via Coleman St., and it is 1.9 km if you are in a car. The best time to visit the Helix Bridge is at night when it is fully illuminated. It is the first curved bridge in the world and is designed like the human DNA structure. Canopies provide shade to the pedestrians during the day. The bridge has viewing platforms at four strategic positions providing stunning views of Singapore. Enjoy the panoramic view while standing on this beautiful and creative landmark of Singapore.

Coleman Bridge:

Just walk for two minutes via Eu Tong Sen St and Hill St from Fort Canning Park and you reach the Coleman Bridge. This bridge was the second bridge across the Singapore River and the first built in masonry. It is named after George Drumgool Coleman who designed it. This historic bridge has iron lampposts and iron railings. View it from the roadside but also from below the bridge to appreciate its beauty.

Anderson Bridge:

Walk for 9 minutes via Parliament Pl. and you are at the Anderson Bridge. Lying across the Singapore River, this bridge is for pedestrians and vehicles, and it connects the financial district directly to City Hall near its mouth. It also forms a distinctive part of the F1 Singapore Street Circuit. It is a beautiful bridge with steel arches and supporting steel girders. The bridge is painted white and looks marvellous at night. Do click pictures with Victoria theatre and Concert hall in the background.

Elgin Bridge:

If you walk for 5 minutes via North bridge road and Hill St from Fort Canning Park, you reach Elgin Bridge. It is a vehicular bridge over the Singapore River, linking the Downtown Core to the Singapore River Planning Area, located within Singapore’s Central Area. It is also the first permanent bridge across the river. The popularity of the bridge led to two roads connected to it being named North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road.

Cavenagh Bridge:

Situated at a very short distance from Fort Canning Park, this is one of the oldest bridges and the only suspension bridge in Singapore. When this bridge became unable to cope with the increasing traffic, the government built the Anderson Bridge and converted the Cavenagh Bridge into a pedestrian bridge. Visit it at night to appreciate its architectural features and the many sculptures near the bridge. Located at the southwest abutment of the bridge, you will find the sculpture of a family of Singapura cats.

The Anderson Bridge, the Cavenagh Bridge, and the Elgin Bridges together are named national monuments of Singapore. Bridges are built to carry loads and a bridge design has to be as efficient, economical, and elegant as is safely possible. As you walk over these bridges, you will realise that they fulfil the above criteria and are an important part of the history of Singapore.

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