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Often referred as the Lion City or the Garden City. Singapore boasts of a modern city culture with multiracial backgrounds. People can find several places of worship, historical places and monuments, cuisines co-exists, which further illuminate their deep ancestral roots of multicultural heritage. Singapore culture attributes to a culture where “East meets the West”. Its strict laws against smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug abuse makes a perfect holiday for tourists visiting from all parts of the globe.

The majority of the population in Singapore is Chinese, followed by Malays, Indians, and people from other ethnic backgrounds. Singapore is infact one of the cleanest and safest countries to live in. They have been voted as the best country in Asia in quality of life. Even littering of items is dealt with severe penalties. Tourists can even drip tap water, as the water in Singapore has passed several quality standards of the World Health Organization.

It is a wonderful place to visit as the tropical climate throughout the year makes it an ideal location for people around the globe. The temperature ranges from 19°C to 36°C, with humidity of around 85% throughout the year. You may be welcomed in the country with heavy thunderstorms, or sudden rains which may last even for an hour. Singapore is all about greenery, more than 50% of its area is green. It is home to 50 parks, including 4 national reserves. Moving around the streets gives you a royal feel of the place.

Singapore cuisine is one of the delicacies enjoyed around the world. Oyster omlette, beef rending, clay-pot seafood, char kway teow, fish head curry, sambal stingray, char kay teow are some of the favorite flavors enjoyed in Singapore. Infact due to the diverse culture and people from various ethnic backgrounds, Singapore boasts of several delicacies at a very reasonable rate. Tourist will find several attractions and also food loving delicacies which people from several backgrounds savor.

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