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Singapore Business Visa

While Singapore is inarguably popular as a tourist destination, its high potential economy and innovative markets give wide-ranging opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs. The best part about Singapore is that it offers an ideal ambiance for work and fun. So for those who seek the chance to visit Singapore for business purpose, check out these guidelines to figure out how to apply for Singapore visit visa for business purposes.

The criteria on whether a business visa is required to enter into Singapore for an entrepreneur depends on the nationality of the applicant which is similar to Singapore tourist visa conditions. Countries listed in Assessment Level I and Assessment Level II as stated in Singapore tourist visa requirements require a business visa before arriving in Singapore. Singapore Business visas are classified into different visa that suits the term of duration and nature of the business to be executed in Singapore:

Business visit visa:

Foreign entrepreneurs who would like to visit Singapore for a short duration can apply for Singapore business visit visa. This type of visa is suitable for business conferences, events, and meetings which require few days of stay in Singapore. The validity of this Singapore visa is 30 days or 90 days depending on the nationality of the applicant. In case an entrepreneur is going to make a series of short visits, he or she can apply for multiple entry business visa which lets its holder exit and re-enter Singapore for 9 weeks. In case the business plan extends more than one month, an appropriate long-term business visa must be acquired by the entrepreneur.


For those who plan to open new business ventures in Singapore need to obtain EntrePass. This type of Singapore business visa is a work pass given only if there is substantial potential in your business venture. In order to acquire this visa, the applicant should have an impressive and outstanding background in business management. The applicant can only apply for an Entrepass if he or she is intending to establish a public limited company, and has at least 50000 SGD as paid-up capital for the startup along with a favorable business plan. This visa does not allow its holder to establish startups in cafes and food courts, bars, nightclubs and lounges, Reflexology, Acupuncture and massage parlours, traditional Chinese medicine businesses, employment agencies, and geomancy business. The applicant can apply for EntrePass only before the conception of the business or within 6 months from its registration in Singapore. The pass is valid for a year and should be renewed annually.

  • Incomplete or misguided information in the application can lead to cancellation or rejection of the visa
  • The normal visa processing time is 3 working days but depending on the nationality of the candidate the time taken can be longer
  • Visa fees once paid is non-refundable under all circumstances

Singapore Business Visa Requirements:

The following documents are required for processing Singapore visit visa for business purpose:

  • A valid passport with minimum 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Singapore. The passport should not be handwritten and should have at least two blank pages for visa stampings.
  • Visa application form duly completed and signed without any errors and omissions. Any incomplete details or false information will lead to rejection of visa.
  • Two colour passport size photograph in white background. The specification should be 35mm width and 45mm height and 80% of photo area should cover the face and shoulders of the applicant. The photograph should be undamaged and clear. Use of headgear, sunglasses, eyeglasses or any accessory which might cover the facial features should be avoided. Photographs should not be older than 3 months from the date of submission of visa application.
  • Photocopy of Residency identity card.
  • Nonrefundable Visa fee of SGD 30 per application and additional fees for visa services.
  • Confirmed flight tickets, travel plan and accommodation details in Singapore
  • A covering letter from applicant’s company stating the purpose of travel and information of contact details of the applicant while staying in Singapore.
  • Bank statements of last 6months as financial proof for sustaining in Singapore during the duration of the stay.
  • Letter of invitation from the inviting Singapore Company.
  • A Letter of Introduction (FormV39A) duly filled and signed by a representative of the inviting company who must be a Singapore citizen or a Singapore permanent resident and above 21 years of age.

For EntrePass, the following additional requirements are needed for visa processing:

  • Latest business profile of the inviting Singapore based company not dated more than 6 months from the day of visa submission.
  • Past employment testimonials
  • A business plan of 10 page or less stating the applicant’s employment history, skills and experiences, academic qualifications and professional achievements. The business plan must convey the product and services offered, financial plans and market analysis, and legal documents such as product certifications and licensing agreements.
Points to be noted:
  • All the documents and application forms for business visit visa to Singapore should be submitted in English. Additional documents may be requested by the visa approving authority if needed.
  • The visa processing time for Assessment Level I nationals takes about 3 working days and Assessment Level II nationals take about 5 to 7 working days after the forms are submitted. The working days exclude weekends and public holidays.
  • Each visa will be granted on its own merit. The reason for rejection will not be conveyed by the visa approval authority.
  • A valid Singapore visit visa does not promise a guaranteed entry into Singapore. The immigration and checking authority officers in Singapore has the sole right to decide whether a visa holder should be granted entry into Singapore or not. An immigration officer can deny entry to any person who has discrepancy in his travel documents, the nature of business seems fraudulent or illegal, does not have evidence of enough financial stability to fund his or her stay in Singapore or pose as a threat to Singapore public.

So for those who like to look at Singapore as a potential business destination, your choice is perfect as the country can offer you an ambitious playground as well as a plethora of charming attractions and leisure opportunities. It offers the ultimate blend of work and leisure. For Singapore business visa from Dubai, contact us for all visa related inquiries and visa solutions.

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