Winter Wonderland in Singapore: Snow City


Reasons for Traveling to Snow City Singapore

  • The purpose of a visit to Snow City Singapore is not only to find shelter from the scorching heat but also to witness an artificial snowstorm, an arctic cave, and a husky park.
  • Snow City Singapore with its inspirational name is a uniqueness. Snow City, the first indoor educational space, showcases snow and ice formations around the world.
  • snow facility which seems to be a contraband gobbledygook The Snow City is nestled in the Heartland of Jurong East, which is reachable through the public sphere of transportation.
  • In an entirely different setting, the 1200 square foot arctic house at -5 degrees has a lot to offer: an unforgettably unique journey in the tundra atmosphere. Singapore is a country with a tropical climate, meaning it’s hot and damp throughout the year. Mr.Snow City provides a level of cool that the environment inside simply cannot provide.
  • One of the very smashing points of the snow town is its special snow cannons, which can run with liquid nitrogen and generate original snow.
  • with this design, we will build this with snow by the usage of LED lighting and make the most possible mountain view.
  • Participate in activities across a myriad of exciting rides, involving climbing an indoor boulder, drifting on ice, or enjoying an Arctic slide. You can make a snowman, take a snowball fight; or go down the hill with a snow slide. We also have an Arctic Snow Playground where you can let your inner child out as well as learn about Inuit culture.
  • Youngers will greatly enjoy building snow to create snow angels and sliding down the 60-meter-long snow track.
  • For the price of one ticket, Snow City’s Ice Hotel Gallery will be in your area, so go for a look!
  • The first Sub-Zero Shooting Arena located not only in Singapore but also in the world of visiting nations can be found at Winter Shooting Arena, Singapore.

Ticket Details

While tickets for Snow City Singapore may always be bought in person, buying them online is the easiest and most convenient way to go and have a memorable trip. The online tickets also help to have your tickets before traveling and only to wait in line at the entrance gate. Going on a vacation is usually fun not just because of the convenience but also for the great offers it comes with like discounts and likes, hence you will get it at the lowest cost possible.

Ticket for Snow City One-Hour Play Session

  • Soaring and down the slopes with snowboarding, skiing, and snow tubing feels somewhat like being at Snow City Singapore right in the city.
  • Create snowmen, make snowball wars, and capture moments in the winter wonderland that will delight your eyes and hearts and your loved ones to pass these moments for a lifetime.
  • Step into a cool world of snow and ice to escape Singapore’s oppressive heat. There, you may enjoy the thrilling activity of ice sliding and marvel at the skill of elaborate ice sculptures.
  • Cost of ticket: 890 INR

Snow City

Activities To Enjoy At Snow City Singapore

1. Arena for Winter Shooting

The Winter Shooting Arena, which is located in the Snow City of Singapore, offers not only perfect grounds for beginners but also advanced enthusiasts an unrivaled and unforgettable experience. The shooting range created an opportunity for visitors to physically handle and shoot with modified guns set to fire invisible infrared beams at targets. This game has been set to fire invisible infrared beams at targets. Such an arrangement made it safe and secure thus fitting for visitors of all ages. It is so popular for adults and side by side because modern technology ensures a realistic shooting experience without loaded bullets.

Sometimes there might be a variety of targets to choose from, which could be simply standing or even more complex ones that move more quickly or need a better shot. There will be people who are veteran gym users and trainers who will facilitate the classes. They will ensure that safety is observed and questions are answered at any point. Either you can choose to take it as an individual activity looking for your best score, or as a soccer with friends or family by playing competitively.

To satisfy the tastes of many small grades of shooters the Winter Shooting Arena concerts many different situations only to be of the requirement for the series. Participants will face the challenge of how many of them will be able to build their accuracy and precision in an intense environment and a winter-inspired theme.

2. Drift on Ice

A recent addition to Snow City’s winter and snow experience is Drift on Ice. It’s the only sub-zero bumper car experience on ice in Singapore. All of the excitement and spills of a classic carnival ride are available in this five-minute bumper car ride—only this time, it’s on ice and extremely cold! It’s the ‘Singapore Coldest Bumper Car Arena,’ according to the Singapore Book of Records, and it’s a great experience for friends and family to enjoy!

3. Fun House in the Snow

A novelty that was only introduced recently in Snow City (namely, Drift on Ice) is already performing well during cold winter and snowy days. It’s the only one of its kind – the sole sub-zero bumper car rides on ice in Singapore. There is no need for you to waste time traveling to the nearest carnival for your dose of a roller coaster experience, as a five-minute bumper car ride is already available wherever there is an ice rink or somewhere that the weather is very chilly! You can use the thrust and momentum of the car to drift and lean into the corners by controlling the direction and you can turn using different ways your car slides, and that adds a layer of skill and fun to the ride. The Singapore Coldest Bumper Car Arena holds the Singapore Book of Records title and is an enjoyable occasion for friends and family to come together!

That’s certainly apparent they will surely be provided with specialized tires or undersides which will allow them to overcome the slippery surface better than others.

The big disparity in that matter is understeer (drift). The ride itself set time usually involves 5 minutes to ensure that everyone enjoys the activity.

4. Having a Good Time on Ice

Through our obstacle course, you can roll in a cool bumper car present at Snow City that can help you shift the gears and get your dopamine flowing or you can just skate to your heart’s content on our mobile ice rink. The said ice skating rink is not only a great place to do roadshows and events suitable for kids, but as well it can be used for ice skating programs and Mall activation projects.

5. Playground in the Snow

From the excitement, the snow area of the theme park offers that even kids and adults are hooked from top to bottom! Prepare to experience a thick snowfall within the next hour while snow is constantly generated at an instant rate of up to 12 cubic meters per day. The child-friendly Snow Playground where the snow is machine-generated, offers options to cater for business meetings, wedding receptions, and company year-end parties. An Inuk igloo, a replica of a traditional igloo of the Inuit people, will be a treasure to find in the game area. Learning about the processes of snow formation, winter ecosystems, and also the reason why snow stays cold can be the theme of the exposition. These small exhibits will be located all over the park.

6. The Edge

Enjoy the sensation of the temporary moment of vertigo with ultimate safety coating on the top of it at Singapore’s first and only vertical climbing wall named The Cliff Snow City. It won’t only provide safety for 20 climbers at once that contains 10 lanes with different levels of escalation but also it is user-friendly that lead and speed-intensive climbers in particular would love to experience climbing in such a fashion. Here, it entails the use of snap loops or carabiners that are clipped onto designated anchors placed on the wall when climbing, hence a great need to use skills and strategies as one soar to the top. If you are not interested in the mere elimination of holds, there is speed climbing. This is a timed event in which the climber should make his way to the top of the wall as quickly as possible employing quickness, agility, and, possibly, a bit of daring. The power and capacity to change through personal self-taught is that from the very first step in the walk through the obstacles that to succeed in that process, you should make both the mental and physical to become better.

Recognize Snow City Singapore Before You Go

Snow City Singapore is located at  Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore.

Snow City Singapore opening and closing times:

  • Unlike other locations that can only express the winter wonderland during the winter season, Snow City is permanently open to displaying the wonders that one gets during the winter all year round to tourists.
  • Snow City is open from 10:00 AM, Monday through Friday till 6:00 PM. From families to dating couples and even individuals, people here have the opportunity to spend their winter time in this cool weather covered with snow as the tropical heat is now out of the way.
  • Weekend opening hours are to be extended on weekends as more people flood the area to have fun next to the man-made snow village. On Sundays and public holidays, it offers visitors an additional hour of winter pleasure from 10:Morning session commences at 10.00 AM and ends at 7:00 PM.
  • It should be on your mind that sometimes the Snow City will be closed for the sake of making repairs. It is recommended that website visitors consult the site or contact them directly for more information on any changes made to the plan.

Best Time To Go

The weather in February and April offers the most ideal conditions for outdoor activities and discovery, which is for both priorities.

experiences, causing them to be the golden moments of your visit in addition to the predecessors of Singapore. it is also a dry season on its part, with skimpy rainfall all that one can long for.

Dress code

The mandatory clothing items for visitors of Singapore Snow City are trousers/ pants and socks. The payment of the ticket aside from boots and coats the snow clothing like leggings, gloves, and waterproof garments are to be picked up at the destination. The benefits of multiple layers of clothing are that the warmth you build helps you endure the cold weather instead of sweating during activities. Although gloves do not have you wear them, however, get some for yourself, because coldness can make you feel discomfort when you are playing in the snow for a long time.

How to Get There

Snow City in Singapore is easily accessible due to its advantageous location and convenient transit alternatives.

  • Mass Rapid Transit, or MRT: After the flight that is coming the passengers will be at the MRT Station at Jurong East which is a cross junction with a few other routes NS1 and EW24. Traveling by the East-West MRT Line and taking the Jurong Station will get you there. It amounts to 5-10 minutes. 335 bus is attached to Jurong East Bus Interchange, so go there by transport and walk over to the Bus Interchange for the bus service. You have the option of entering Snow City from the bus ride straight away.
  • Bus: If you simply don’t feel like driving, you can take several routes that terminate near Snow City instead. If you want to get to the place, you will need to get to Jurong East Bus Interchange and board there the buses: 66, 178, 198, and 335 respectively.
  • Car/cab: The Snow City has enough car parking spaces for people who drive or use a taxi. Enough parking has been secured at the Snow City carpark for everyone who needs to park there. PIE and AYE expressways are just two examples of road networks that offer smooth connections between this region and other parts of the city.
  • Walking: If you get to the area, you can use pedestrian footbridges from the MRT station in Jurong East to Snow City instead of taking a short bus ride. To get to your winter adventure on foot, just follow the well-marked signs and guidelines.

Safety Procedures:

Snow City in Singapore puts guests’ safety first, putting in place extensive safety procedures to guarantee a fun and safe visit:

Trained Staff:

Snow City has a whole team of experienced and skillful employees who are proficiently responsive to cases of emergency as well. They are ready to help and skilfully guide tourists to follow their security rules.

  • Required Safety Briefing: We expect all the guests to have the safety brief that is considered our number one priority during the stay.
  • By empowering customization, they can achieve the best slope conditions and ultimately, enjoy skiing. When each of them is known by all, that means the safety measures, rules, and standards of visitors’ enjoyment of the attractions are informed.
  • Appropriate Clothes: Year by year, by snowfall, Snow City invites its visitors into the winter weather. Clothes are received that provide adequate personal protection like coats, boots, and gloves that are comfortable and well-fitting as well.
  • Temperature Control: In a view where the snow play area is kept at a place the community, the city, stands against the possibility of overexposure to freezing.

steady, regulated temperature. At the beginning of the process, attaining the desired temperature for visitors is assured through this facility to create options where the residents can truly celebrate the winter season but in a healthy way.

  • Trained Instructors: Snow City has qualified instructors all along to conduct snowboarding and acquirement of knowledge about snow sports.
  • Frequent Sanitization: Snow City prioritizes cleanliness and hygienic conditions. To keep everyone who visits safe and germ-free, the building is regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Emergency Protocols: Snow City has established clear emergency protocols. Staff members are ready to manage medical aid and evacuations in case of unanticipated events.
  • Limited Capacity: Snow City controls the number of visitors that may enter the snow play area to ensure a cozy and secure experience. This precaution helps avoid congestion and guarantees that guests may walk about freely without risk.


  • Since full-length pants and socks must be worn and hiring them on the spot incurs extra fees, don’t forget to pack your own.
  • An hour is a decent length of time to spend here, based on the majority of reviews for Snow City Singapore. To purchase your tickets and be ready for the cold, you should, however, give yourself 30 minutes before the session starts.
  • If you’re fussy, pack an extra set of clothing to change into once you’re outside because the fun things you can do in the snow often result in wet trousers.
  • Numerous activities and initiatives are organized to promote Snow City throughout the school vacations. You may check out what they have to offer on their website before you go.
  • Make sure to pick up the complimentary rubber tube that is provided to each guest for sliding down the snow hill as soon as you arrive.


Q1. Which place you can explore indoor or outdoor depending on your purpose, in Snow City Singapore?

Ans- Shaman’s Souvenir Shop: Without tasting the delights of Shaman’s Souvenir Shop, your visit to the Snow City would be incomplete. Generally, the original artwork is something for you to buy to take home to live your memories.

Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant: The place is the Fountain Plaza, Singapore, a mall that is referred to as Fountain Shopping Centre.

Besides being suitable for people who are enjoying their time with friends, this destination is also ideal for businesses that would love to host their clients. Since we are used to things being cooked traditionally in our culture home therefore when you will be served different kinds of foods we enjoy the experience very much and in addition, the exotic beers we find in most of our continent are not like the common beers we are used to in our countryside.

Q2. What do visitors to Snow City in Singapore find the most appealing?

Ans- It is one of Singapore’s oldest snow parks, which offers the most amazing and exciting attractions around. The area where we set up the Arctic Snow Ground to show the traditional Inuit Home, the Old-fashioned Snow Field changed into the Arctic Snow Slide where visitors can try it out, the Winter Area which is a place for visitors to have a break while taking a rest from nature’s beauty.

Q3. The Snow City Singapore is huge and it is not possible to explore everything within a minute, so how much time does it take to thoroughly enjoy the Snow City Singapore?

Ans – Two hours is the minimum time you will need to tour Snow City Singapore while you do not skip any of its features.

Q4. Are tickets for Snow City reservations available?

Ans- Tickets can be available for a Snow City that can be booked in advance which will eliminate the complex and time-wasting related to it.

Q5. Which age group may purchase Snow City Tickets without having to?

Ans- Children under the age of three do not require Snow City Tickets.




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