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Singapore street food is as diverse as its population with a perfect combination of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian, and other Western influences. When you visit the street food vendor stalls in Singapore, you will be gastronomically satisfied as well as amazed by the variety on display. The street food stalls in Singapore is probably the answer to your question of what to eat in Singapore and where to eat in Singapore. Even though Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world, it compensates it for its astonishing culinary variety on offer. We have listed some Singapore food dishes which you should definitely try which will probably act as Singapore food guide during your trip to Singapore.



Rice noodles served in spicy coconut curry soup stuffed with fish cakes, shrimp, chicken meat, and egg. This is a fusion between the Chinese and Malay cuisine and one of the best food to eat in Singapore. Available in many variants in Southeast Asia, the one served in Singapore is the Katong Laksa version with cut-up noodles. They vendors serve the customers at times with cockles and tofu puffs for taste.

2.Hokkien Prawn Mee

Hokkien Prawn Mee

Stir-fried thick and flat egg Hokkien noodles are mixed with slices of pork or chicken, prawns, fish cake and squids along with a seasoning of soy sauce, chili, and vinegar for taste. The vendors serve the dish with sambal sauce and a lime wedge to bring down the oil.

3.Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

It consists of steamed chicken which is served with rice that is cooked in chicken stock. The steamed rice oozes with a fragrant aroma and a flavor which makes this dish fulfilling and delicious at the same time. Try the dish with some dipping sauce for a local flavor.

4.Barbecued Stingray

Barbecued Stingray

With origins on the streets of Singapore, the barbecued stingray is one of the popular seafood dishes served at the hawker stalls. The classic version includes stingray meat slated in thick sambal sauce – a spicy version with diced tomatoes, shrimp paste, and chilies which are then wrapped in a banana leaf and slow-cooked on a grill.

5.Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry

Originated somewhere in south India and greatly influenced by Chinese and Malay cuisines, the Fish head curry consists of a huge fish head and vegetables are stirred together and cooked in a curry and served with bread or rice. A glass of local lime juice is served as a combo here. You can also request the vendor to add tamarind juice for a sweet-sour taste.



A starter or party platter side dish which includes skewered grill meat which is served with peanut sauce, rice cake, and cucumber-chili relish. Reflecting a strong turmeric fragrance and flavor, you can choose the dish with variants like beef or mutton, chicken, and pork



A delicious coconut milk drink which is stirred with brown sugar, red beans, and green starch strips. The drink is creamy and fleshy and contains a big seed in several segments of one big & thorny fruit. You can have only two feelings once you taste it, either you like it or hate it. The smell may not be fragrant, but it definitely tastes like heaven.



It has been nicknamed the king of fruits and the Southeastern Asian population has an irresistible taste for this tasty treat. The dish is so pungent that it has been banned in public spaces like hotels and trains. Overall it carries a distinctive sweet flavor and is used to create several varieties of desserts and drinks. One of the things which you should never miss during your trip to Singapore.

9.Bah Kut The

Bah Kut The

Originating from the Hokkien immigrants in China, this has been on popular demand among Singaporeans. The main ingredients include juicy pork ribs that are cooked for hours in a rich herbal broth. Fine measured qualities of garlic, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui, star anise, and fennel are then added to give the rich flavor to this dish. Other optional ingredients added include mushrooms, youtiao, and tofu. One of the most popular variants includes the light color Teochew version and the dark soy sauce salty original Hokkien recipe.

10.Frog Porridge

Frog Porridge

Frogs are marinated in spring onions, soy, wine, and spicy chili along with milder ginger variations before it’s cooked. Due to the tender nature of the frog meat, it may taste similar to chicken. The addition of porridge to the tenderly cooked frog meat makes it a light yet delightful snack. It is usually served with green onion sauce. Check out this dish at the historic Geyland Road for a delightful version and variants.

11.Chili Crab

Chili Crab

Hard-shell partially cracked crabs are steamed and then cooked in semi-thick gravy with a tomato chili base, ketchup, and eggs. Don’t go by the way, this dish is not all that spicy. Best served with bread which would soak up the gravy.

12.Char Kuey Teow

Char Kuya Teow

This dish consists of white noodles fried in a mixture of black soya sauce, fish cake, bean sprouts, clams and Chinese sausage. Available with major vendors across Singapore.

13.Char Siew Rice/Noodles

Char Siew Rice Noodles

Thick and long noodles or rice is served with barbecued pork in a thick sauce. The dish is delicious and simply melts in your mouth. It is available with a majority of the street food vendors.

14.Oyster Omelet

Oyster Omelet

An egg omelette is mixed with flour and then fried with small oysters. It is finally garnished with coriander leaves for taste. This dish is available with many street food vendors.

There are endless varieties of street foods that have not made the list. It is impossible to list all of them in just one article. Get in touch with our travel experts to know more and how to make your Singapore tour special with these amazingly delightful street foods.

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