When to Go: A Guide to Singapore’s Best Time to Travel


Nothing compares to Singapore. Located in southern Malaysia it exhibits the multi-ethnic influence of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese Arabs, and English. The ‘Lion City’ provides delicious dining, and modern accommodation and has the beat in its nightlife. Singapore stands a great example of having one of the busiest and most efficient public transportation systems, hence getting around Singapore is rather convenient. Obsessed by the so-called “City in a Garden”, the nation invests enormously to make the country as environmentally friendly as possible. The little island nation is renowned for its extensive worldwide retail options.

But when is the best season to visit Singapore? We will answer that question in the below guide.

Climatic Conditions In Singapore

Spring In Singapore

About the climate, Singapore in spring can be described as warm with temperatures ranging from 27 to 33 C, low humidity, and scant rainfall. The overall weather is favorable for various activities and outdoor activities. The city is alive with vivid colors as the lush greenery grows, and the air is filled with enthusiasm for the festivals.

Summer In Singapore

Summer in Singapore ranges from June to early September. It is considered hot and rather humid. That is, the month is rather dry compared to other months of the year and receives less rainfall. Very little rain and long, beautiful days can last up to 12 hours in the sun.

Cool clothing and lots of water are essential due to the high humidity and temperature range of 26°C to 32°C. Swimming at the beach might not be the ideal way to cool off because the average sea temperature is 29° C.

Autumn In Singapore

In Singapore, autumn lasts from September to November, during which time there is typically more rain and humidity. Autumn temperatures are still quite hot, with daytime highs of 30 °C (86 °F), and by mid-October, humidity starts to increase.

Winter In Singapore

The cool season in Singapore includes the months of December, January, February, and March with minimal temperature or climate difference. This is one of the best periods to engage in sightseeing and other outdoor activities within the city. The best month to visit Singapore is in this period. Utilize the time as long as the weather is agreeable and attractive!

The average temperature stays between 28°C and 32°C.

Rainfall average: 200 mm

Best Time To Visit Singapore

While Singapore is a year-round travel destination, December through June is the best time to visit Singapore. Singapore experiences the “dry season” from February to April. It is also the time of year with the least rain, humidity, and maximum sunshine. Singapore’s climate is generally reliable and the city-state is hospitable enough to accommodate tourists throughout the year. Nonetheless, October through November is the ideal off season in Singapore if you want to escape people that overcrowd the area.

Dos And Don’ts When You’re In Singapore


  1. Ensure that you walk and stand on the appropriate sides.
  2. Get in line
  3. Show elders respect and treat them like family
  4. Keep cash on hand
  5. Research the weather before you go 6. Drink tap water without restriction
  6. Recall the societal norms around hygiene
  7. Recognize the typical method used by locals to book tables.


  1. Tipping is not customary in society
  2. Never throw trash.
  3. Never chew gum.
  4. Avoid eating or drinking anything when on public transportation.
  5. Smoking is only permitted in areas that have been specified.
  6. Abstain from drug use
  7. Remember the laws about alcohol.

Universal Studios Singapore

Things To Do In Singapore

1) Universal Studios Singapore: This theme park has provided many kinds of equipment, performances, and other facilities interesting to children and adults. The seven themed zones of DreamWorks-Eqsted are; New York, Madagascar, Hollywood, Far Far Away, Sci-Fi City, Lost World, and Ancient Egypt.

2) Singapore Flyer: The largest enormous observation wheel in Asia, it is ideal for a 180-degree round view of the nation. In every one of such 28 glass gondolas fully air-conditioned, there is a full 30 minutes of fantastic ride with elements of thrill.

3) Go on an adventure at Night Safari: This is a nighttime zoo and the visitor may engage in shows, tours, cultural celebrations, and fabulous dining.

4) Gardens By The Bay: This nature park includes three waterfront gardens: the Bay South Gardens, Bay East Gardens, and the Bay Central Gardens. Attractions include Far East Organization Children’s Garden, Supertree Grove, Flower Dome, World of Plants, Cloud Forest, OCBC Skylane, and the Canyon. The Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, Heritage Gardens, Bay by the East, Sun Pavilion, and Art Sculptures are a few more.

5) Indoor Sky Diving @ iFly Singapore: It is the biggest global indoor skydiving wind tunnel. The first of its kind in Singapore, for everyone who wants to get a feel of the sport. The wind tunnel gives them the experience and actual feel of it.


Q1. What is the ideal time to explore Singapore?

Ans-  Primarily the most appropriate time that is expected to be chosen to travel to any particular site is the period when the weather is excellent. The high season runs from July until October. February till June is considered as the mid-season.

Q2. What is the best month to visit Singapore?

Ans- The best is from February to April. During this time, rainfall is low to moderate humidity is low. There is relatively more sun-shine than during other months of the year.

Q3. What time of year is the cheapest in Singapore?

Ans- Due to low tourism, many significant places in Singapore, particularly; Gardens By The Bay, Botanical Gardens, Singapore Zoo, Cable Car, and Universal Studio can be easily located. Hotel prices could also be more cheaper, the cheapest month to travel to Singapore is in April.

Q4. Which season has the best weather in Singapore?

Ans- Singapore experiences the “dry season” from February to April. It sees more sunshine and less rainfall than the other seasons.

Q5. What is the rainy season for Singapore?

Ans- The Northeast Monsoon is active between the end of December to early March. The Southwest Monsoon season continues between June to September.

Q6. What is the hottest month in Singapore?

Ans- Singapore enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. May is the warmest month. The average temperature measures 28ºC.

Q7. What is the cheapest time to fly to Singapore?

Ans- Remember that airfares and hotel rates may increase if you visit Singapore during the busiest time of year. The best time to travel to Singapore avoid crowds and get better travel deals are in the off-season of January to February and October to December.

Q8. What is the main season in Singapore?

Ans- Singapore is a modern and diverse country that is most suitable for visitation and the traveler is recommended to spend his summer with temperatures ranging from 25-32 degrees Celsius, hot and humid. Indeed, the festive season, including December to June, is the busiest time.

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