Everything You Need to Know about Singapore Flyer: Singapore’s Giant Ferris Wheel

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the best tourist locations in the world. Although a tiny city-state, Singapore is packed with some of the most marvelous tourist attractions. While there are plenty to see in the city for a person with a Singapore tourist visa, one of the must-visit attractions here is the Singapore Flyer. Placed at Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer is an observation wheel that gives you a 360°, unobstructed view of the entire city. Here you will find everything you need to know about Singapore Flyer, the famous Ferris Wheel of Singapore.

Important Facts about Singapore Flyer

Singapore Ferris Wheel

Singapore Flyer is located in the Downtown Core District of Singapore. Here are some facts about this giant Ferris Wheel.

  • The Singapore Flyer was inaugurated in 2008. It took 2.5 years to complete the construction of this Ferris Wheel.
  • Singapore Flyer measures 165 meters in height and 150 meters in diameter. It is as tall as a building with 42 floors. Apart from the Ferris Wheel, Singapore Flyer also includes a 3-storeyed building at the base.
  • It was the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, until the title was taken over by Las Vegas’ High Roller.
  • Singapore Flyer covers a land area of 33,700 square meters.
  • The observation wheel comprises 28 glass capsules, each covered with UV protection.
  • Each capsule can accommodate 28 people at a time.The design and technology of the Singapore Flyer is the joint effort of Dr. Kisho Kurokawa, a renowned architect from Japan and DP Architects, a Singapore-based architectural firm.
  • One of the unique things about the Singapore Flyer is that a slim ladder truss rim is used for construction rather than the triangular rim usually used to build observation wheels around the world.
  • The capsule moves at the speed of 0.24 meter per second. In other words, it takes around 30 minutes for it to complete 1 cycle. The flyer moves slowly and smoothly, giving you the chance to enjoy the beautiful views of the city.
  • Apart from moving smoothly, the Singapore Flyer is designed in such a way that it moves in the same way even under various wind conditions due to precision wind engineering technology used for building it.

Singapore Flyer Experiences

Here are the different experiences that you can enjoy at the Singapore Flyer.

Observation Wheel

Singapore Flyer Observation Wheel

The best thing to do here is go on a ride on the Singapore Flyer and enjoy the beautiful sights of the city. From the top of the Flyer, you will get to see up to the distance of 45 km, which is 3 km more than the actual area of the city. On a good, clear day, you are likely to see Sentosa Island, Changi Airport, and even a glimpse of the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. Enjoy your ride and take plenty of pictures and videos of the city.

Private Capsule

On regular Singapore Flyer tickets, you will have to share the capsule with other guests or visitors. However, if you want to have a special experience, booking a private capsule will be a great idea. Right from group rides to hosting a wedding ceremony and a cocktail party up in the air, there are numerous things you can do in a private capsule. Private capsules can be booked for enjoying a private dining experience, a romantic date, a wedding ceremony, an engagement party, or a cocktail party with friends and colleagues.

Private Sky Dining Experience

Private Sky Dining

Although a part of the private capsule experience, private sky dining needs a special mention. This dining experience is available for couples as well as a group. It includes 2 rotations of the Singapore Flyer, during which you will get to enjoy a 4-course meal of your choice. Premium champagne or wine is also included in your package. A butler is available at your service throughout the ride. It is possible to customize the dining experience, as per your requirements.

Time Capsule

One of the most exciting attractions of Singapore Flyer is the Time Capsule. It is a multi-sensory attraction that tells you the story of Singapore. This interactive experience will give you the chance to see the past, present, and future of the city. Along with the history of the city, you will also get to know about the legends and myths associated with Singapore. What makes it even more exciting is that you will be accompanied by a time-travelling companion named R65.

Flight Experience

Apart from riding the Singapore Flyer, you can have a flying experience with the flight simulator here. This immersive experience gives you the chance to experience flying an airplane in a replica of Boeing 77-800 cockpit. Guided by professionals, you will get to experience taking-off, landing, and flying the airplane in different weather conditions. It is an adventurous and one-of-a-kind experience.

Art Exhibition

After your Singapore Flyer experience, head over to Whimsical Reality, an art exhibition that will give you a glimpse of the different aspects of Singapore. The unique paintings or artworks here are divided into Family Fun, Playtime, Reaching the Sky, and Iconic Places.


Dining is not limited to the private sky dining experience. On the other hand, you will find some interesting dining experiences at the Singapore Flyer. You can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants, including Flyer Lounge, Sky View Pavilion, Red Chilies, and Plume. Enjoy a cup of coffee at Daily kopi and some yummy gelato at Gelatissimo.


After exploring all the attractions of Singapore Flyer, head towards Singapore Flyer Gifts store, where you can buy souvenirs to take back home. You will find several Singapore Flyer-themed gifts like t-shirts, jewelry, nanoblock, etc. here.

Best Time to Visit Singapore Flyer

The best time to visit the Singapore Flyer is in the evening, around sunset. This will give you the chance to see a gorgeous sunset and also view the city shrouded with glittering lights.

Singapore Flyer Timings

Singapore Flyer is open from Thursday to Monday from 3 PM to 10 PM. It remains closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.


If you have the Singapore visa and are all set to travel to this city-state, ensure that Singapore Flyer is on your itinerary. Moreover, book your Singapore Flyer tickets online, so that you do not waste time standing in the queue at the booking counter.

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