Guide to Singapore’s Most Awaited Festivals and Events

Most Awaited Singapore Festival and Events

Singapore is a country that attracts millions of tourists each fall to enjoy its superior hospitality, soothing ambiance, and high spirit life. The city is often looked like a place where life is lived at its high. Besides, the city conducts varied of festivals and events that not only gives the tourists a chance to enjoy their heart out but also gives the residents a way to escape from the hustle bustle of the daily life.

As the year 2021 is one its way of departure, Singapore has bigger plans in the upcoming year. So, if you are all curious to know what Singapore has in its pockets to surprise the people, then here, we are presenting you the list of upcoming events and festivals.

1. Chinese New Year

When the calendar followed by the Chinese hits its end, it marks the reason to celebrate the New Year. Singapore is all set to celebrate this event with a huge celebration where one can see lion dances, parades, and Temple Worshiping with many things in addition. It is the most awaited event of the upcoming year. The enthusiasm of this event can be seen among the residents, and they sweep away the dirt from their home, cooks delicious food, and wear new clothes to manifest their joy.

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2. Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival in Singapore

This festival is devoted to a renowned Chinese Patriot and Poet and is celebrated for two days. As the name suggests, the boat here plays a crucial role and boat racing is the essential act in the overall festival. The boat race takes place in the Bedok Reservoir and is almost a 20 minutes ride. The Asian culture can be seen at its best in the festival which calls for all ages.

3. St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore

This festival has recently made its way to Singapore but has already been in existence for quite a time in Australia specifically. It marks the celebration of the touring music and the festival travels from part to part in the entire world to convey the value of the music and community and is filled with immense fun and entertainment. Musicians gather here and show their talent off and give the chance to crowd gather to move and dance.

4. Baybeats

Baybeats in Singapore

This festival is a three consecutive day festival and is organized every year in Singapore. It gives a chance to the local singers to showcase their talent and also features some foreign acts. It was established in the year 2002 and welcomes the singers of Singapore and other Asian countries. The festival is divided into three phases of performances; one is the Baybeat Arena, the outdoor theater areas and the Chillout stage. This gives the crowd and the spectators a chance to witness diverse music put together in the same place.

5. Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival

Take a day off and delve into the world of electronic music and its diverse types. Ultra Music Festival is perhaps the most awaited in the entire list. So, stick on to your plan to enjoy at so many types of events the next year.

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