The Most Spectacular Rooftop Bars in Singapore

Rooftop Bars in Singapore

When you’re in Singapore, Friday evenings open up like a tulip with multiple spectacular options. With a happening Singapore nightlife, you don’t have to frequent the same old bar hangout each day, no – not while you’re in Singapore. Singapore has many fantastic rooftop bars that offer scintillating views of the city. At night, when you sit at a table at one of these high rooftop bars nursing a drink in hand and looking out at the city, you’ll think just how many rooftop bars and views there, still to explore. That’s Singapore for you.

1. Altitude’s Gallery & Bar

1Altitudes Gallery and Bar

1-Altitude’s Gallery & Bar stands proud at 282 meters above the ground. In fact, 1-Altitude has been credited the title of the world’s tallest al fresco bar and viewing gallery. If you’re looking for an absolutely best breathtaking view of Singapore, especially at night, head to this amazing sky bar in Singapore.

2. Aqua Luna Singapore, Park Hotel Alexandra

Aqua Luna Singapore, Park Hotel Alexandra

Alexandra is a laid-back area, so this swanky open bar comes as a surprise here. Aqua Luna is al fresco and stylish and offers an absolutely lovely view of Queenstown. It is not exactly rooftop but it is located on an open terrace with a 25-metre infinity swimming pool and a lip-smacking gourmet menu. Aqua Luna is considered one of the best rooftop bars in Singapore.

3. Bar Canary, Grand Park Orchard Hotel

Bar Canary, Grand Park Orchard Hotel

Bar Canary is a sophisticated al fresco lounge area. Not many people know of this place and you have to be let into the secret by a regular. It’s laid back, but absolutely swanky and chill – just perfect for a cool night out with the mates. Ask for a boozy popsicle and you might pass off as a regular. Sucking on that boozy popsicle and chilling out here is one of the coolest things to do in Singapore.

4. Baywatch@ Jen, Hotel Jen

Baywatch@ Jen, Hotel Jen

Want your drink and a drop-dead view of Singapore’s incredible skyline? Head to the Bay Watch, a rooftop bar perched atop Hotel Jen. It has an inviting infinity pool where you can lounge on a floater with your drink and check out the incredible lights and sound graphics show at the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

5. Ce La Vie

Ce La Vie

Ce La Vie has won several awards as a prime nightlife destination in Singapore. If you’re in the city, you must check out this rooftop bar at least once. It’s worth the visit just for the billion-dollar 360-degree view of Singapore’s skyline and beyond. In fact, there are those who say that Ce La Vi offers better views than does the Singapore Flyer, but that’s up for debate. Apply for your Singapore tourist visa in Dubai now and experience this incredible bar.

6. Empire, Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower

Empire, Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower

This is the favorite rooftop bar haunt of Singapore’s Central Business District’s hard-working professionals. This is the place to head to if you’re in Singapore’s CBD The rooftop bar offers spellbindingly beautiful views of Singapore’s skyline that will have you snap happy.

7. Faber Bistro

Faber Bistro

If you’re not into loud club music and are looking for something laid back, head to the al fresco Faber Bistro. This rooftop restaurant in Singapore is located at Mount Faber’s peak. This means you get not only great food and drinks but the view of a lifetime.

8. Hi-So Rooftop Pool Bar

Hi-So Rooftop Pool Bar

Hi-So Rooftop Pool Bar is nestled stylishly amongst Singapore’s tall skyscrapers. There are cool cabanas for you to lounge on hot evenings and enjoy the great city views and sophisticated ambience. This urbanized rooftop bar is a part of SO Sofitel Singapore; it’s been built to serve the needs of nearby working executives.

9. Kinki

Kinki Rooftop Bar

This Japanese rooftop bar is situated in a prime location – on the second floor of the Customs House in Collier Quay. Professionals who work in this building frequent this gastronomic bar. It’s called a gastro-bar with good reason; even as you approach it, your tastebuds and nostrils will be assaulted by tantalizing aromas of signature Japanese dishes. The bar also provides a very unique selection of cocktails that’s a mix of East and West. Respect their dress code; no flip-flops and tank tops. Wear something business casual when you visit Kinki for some fabulous rooftop dining in Singapore.

10. Lantern Rooftop Bar

Lantern Rooftop Bar

This lovely little urban oasis sits cozily on the rooftop of the 5-star Fullerton Bay Hotel. Sit back with a drink and take in the incredibly mesmerizing view of Marina Bay Waterfront. There’s a beautiful swimming pool as well, for you to float on as you savor the incredible cocktails at Lantern.

11. LeVel 33

LeVel 33

LeVel 33 is has been hailed as the maker of the world’s best-tasting beer. This bar cum urban-craft-brewery located on the penthouse level of the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower is a very highly sought-after destination. Be sure to enjoy enthralling views of Singapore’s city skyline whilst enjoying the house craft beers.

12. Loof


This eclectically-playful rooftop bar is located right across Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade. This is Singapore’s first standalone rooftop bar; it’s quirky, entirely local and has an attitude to boot. They also have an in-house Mama Shop which is a modern version of the old-school provision shops.

13. ME @ OUE


Me @ OUE is located conveniently at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. It’s a very slick, full of attitude outdoor lounge that oversees the incredible, magnificent Marina Bay Waterfront. Be sure to check it out during happy hour on one your days in Singapore.

14. Smoke And Mirrors

Smoke And Mirrors

This awesome new rooftop bar is situated on top of the National Gallery Singapore. It’s the city best rooftop bar according to TimeOut, and the locals apparently think this bar deserves that title. Be sure to get here before sunset to observe how Singapore’s skyline transforms in front of your eyes! If you’re on time, you can catch the daily Lights and Sounds graphic show at Marina Bay Sands in the evening. Smoke and Mirrors is one of the best bar-cum-restaurants with a view and one of the best places to visit in Singapore.


Singapore has more rooftop bars than we can list in this blog. Moreover, most of them are a part of some of the best hotels and resorts in Singapore. When you’re there, don’t forget to check out South Bridge for the spectacular views, Sum Yi Tai for its incredible cocktails and view, Super Tree By Indo Chine for its location at the Gardens by the Bay, The Lighthouse Rooftop Bar, Tigers Milk and others. Each bar has something to offer, but most of them offer the amazing views of Singapore for which they are famous.

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