Theme Parks in Singapore for an Exciting Adventurous Day Out

Wild Wild Wet Water Park
Are you planning for a wonderful and memorable holiday? Think of Singapore. Singapore is a beautiful country. You can have a great holiday even if you are on a budget. So do not hesitate and apply for a Singapore Visa at the earliest.

If you are traveling with a family that includes children and young adults, plan to spend one or two days at some of the best theme parks here.  Singapore has some fine, unique theme parks, and you will certainly enjoy your visit to these parks. Given below are some of the best theme parks in Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore:

Universal Studio Singapore

This is a 20-hectare theme park and the first of its kind from Universal Studios in Southeast Asia. It is also known as the Disneyland of Singapore. The top rides include Jurassic Park Rapids, Transformers 3D Battle, and Revenge of The Mummy, etc. The different thrill levels satisfy even the hard-core thrill-seekers. Meet your favorite characters like Shrek, the Minions, or even Frankenstein’s monster. The younger members of the family will adore the special effects and meeting their beloved characters in Madagascar. Each zone like Ancient Egypt, Revenge of the Mummy, Far Far Away, Lost World, etc. offers excitement and thrills.

Wild Wild Wet Singapore:

Wild Wild Wet Water Park

Located in Pasir Ris in Singapore, this is one of the best water-themed parks that provide wholesome fun to the whole family. Rides like Kraken Racers, Tsunami, Shiok River, and Ular-Lah give the thrill-seekers the experience they seek.  If white water rafting in a natural river is what you wish, try the Ular-Lar, the first raft slide in South Asia. Younger kids enjoy KidsZone, Yippie, and Splash Play. You can easily spend a whole day here and not be bored even for a minute.

Adventure Cove Water park, Singapore:

This water-themed park at Resorts World Sentosa has many different attractions, including some extremely thrilling rides. But the most unique attractions here are Ray Bay and Rainbow Reef. In Ray Bay, you can get close to huge rays, touch them and feed them as they glide by. Go snorkeling at Rainbow Reef and explore the man-made ocean floor with plastic rocks and fake coral. Enjoy watching the 20,000 fish up close. There is so much to do and experience here that you can easily spend a day here.

Haw Par Villa:

Haw Par Villa, also known as the Tiger Balm Garden, is a theme park located along Pasir Panjang Road in Singapore. The 1000 statues from Chinese mythology and 150 dioramas depict scenes from Chinese literature and the stories of the Eight Immortals. Do take the guided tour to truly appreciate how the history of the park is entwined with the intriguing stories of Chinese folklore and philosophy. For a deeper look into Chinese philosophy, take the twilight tour that focuses on the dioramas depicting the infamous Ten Courts of Hell.

Sentosa Skyline Luge and Skyride:

Sentosa island, Singapore

For an adventure-oriented family, the Skyline Luge and Skyride provide one of the most adventurous and fun activities. The rides are suitable for all ages and experience levels. The tracks are full of twists, turns, and tunnels to give a thrilling experience. Ride the four different trails with hairpin corners, long straights, and exciting slopes. Board the Skyride, a four-seater chairlift, to experience a bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island and its beautiful coastline. As the evening grows dark, watch the Wings of Time show, a multisensory extravaganza.

Mega Adventure Park:

For an offbeat adventure experience, visit the Mega Adventure Park that operates the world-famous MegaZip. Experience the fun of a 450m long zip ride cruising at up to 60kph over Sentosa’s jungle, beach, and sea. Other exciting activities here are MegaClimb, MegaJump, and MegaBounce. MegaClimb is an obstacle course where you have to win over obstacles at each level. MegaJump is a simulated parachute jumping experience, and MegaBounce allows its participants to jump up to 10 meters in the air.

Singapore River Safari:

Singapore River

This is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park.  Tour through the park and explore the Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong, and Yangtze rivers. You will find one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals here. Catch glimpses of endangered species such as the giant panda, manatee, and the giant Mekong catfish. See the stars of the Park – Giant Pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai.  Marvel at the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, themed after the Flooded Amazon Forest. Go on a simulated journey along the Amazon River and look for Amazonian wildlife.

Science Center Singapore: 

ArtScience Museum

The Science Center was created as a fun way to educate children on the wonders of science. This institution has exhibits spread over fourteen exhibition galleries. If your family is interested in the human body, optical illusions, climate change, fire, etc. the Science Centre is an ideal place to visit. With many interactive exhibits, activities, and games for kids under eight years, KidsStop is a very interesting place for kids. Snow City, Singapore’s first permanent indoor snow center, is another favorite.

Select the theme parks that your family will enjoy the most. Spend a few hours leisurely enjoying all the attractions the park has to offer. Do go through the websites of the above to keep yourself updated on the safety protocols. Keep safe and have a lovely visit.

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