Visa information of Singapore for Pakistan Passport Holder Living in United Arab Emirates


There is a large population of Pakistani citizens living in the kingdom of United Arab Emirates. They are only living in UAE for work or business, and continue to hold their Pakistani citizenship. If they want to travel to Singapore, the rules are little bit different. The following information will guide you on the documents requirement, and the steps that need to be taken for obtaining a Singapore visa.

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1. Documents

Application Form

An online link has been provided by the Singaporean Government from where you can download this form for free. There are certain third party service providers, such as, which also provide the form for free and make the process whole lot easier by managing everything from start to end on your behalf. You can also visit our Head or Branch Office in UAE, where you can obtain this form.


Please ensure your Pakistani passport is ready and up-to-date. Ensure your passport remains valid for at least six months from your planned travel date to Singapore to avoid potential visa application rejection. Hence, ready your Pakistani passports according to the rules.

Passport Size Photograph

You need two 2X2 inch colour photographs. Your face should be clearly visible. Religious headgear is allowed as long as it is not covering your face.

Proof of Legal Status

Provide documents and photocopies of documents showing you have citizenship of Pakistan and UAE. If you do not have UAE citizenship, provide proof that you are legally in the country through documents like UAE work visa, etc.

Itinerary or Round Trip Tickets

You will have to provide photocopies of your itinerary or the photocopy of your round trip flight tickets. Either of the documents need to have your name on them.

Permission Letter

For those in the workforce, a permission letter from your employer on official letterhead is required, indicating approval for your leave, specifying the duration, reason for your trip, and confirming your return to work. Students should provide an official letter from their educational institution attesting to their good standing and enrollment for the upcoming semester. We request retirees to submit photocopies of their retirement fund documents.

2. How to Apply

  • Ensure the above mentioned documents are in order. Afterward, you can proceed to submit your Singapore visa application online through the official website: You must pay a nominal fee.
  • You also have the choice to personally submit your application at the Singapore High Commission or a comparable official authority. Here, too, you will have to pay the fee (*the fee is non-refundable), and complete the procedure all by yourself.

Follow the given instructions and you will not have any problem in obtaining a Singapore visa.

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    1. I like Singapore country I want to stay there I feel so safe in this country and i have good future in this company I respect this country rules I follow it I hope God help me best of luck my self.

    1. Hi Jannine, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes Pakistani national needs visa to visit Singapore. If your friend is UAE resident we can help him to get tourist visa. My contact number is +971 42087543 and email is

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