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Singapore is a beautiful Southeast Asian country considered a melting pot of different cultures. A true symbol of modern Asia, Singapore features a rich history and cultural heritage, a mouth-watering culinary scene, a world-class infrastructure, & modern technology that makes it a popular country for tourism and permanent residency. You can witness the fast-paced life and the laid-back culture at the same time in Singapore. As a result, thousands of people wish to be part of this great city-state. However, many people get confused about getting Singapore PR easily without hassles. A Singapore visa may be your doorstep to Singapore PR, but it doesn’t guarantee your Singapore permanent resident eligibility status that can change due to the dynamic global pandemic.

Singapore City

Singapore is one of the stable Asian economies and a key financial hub in Southeast Asia. Singapore permanent residency is given to thousands of people each year, but they do not face the same hassle, and many get rejected at the application process itself. A valid Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) entitles your immediate family (Applicant, spouse, and unmarried children under 21) to relocate and reside in Singapore with immediate effect. Many benefits and schemes are open only to the Singapore PR personnel that are attractive in nature and have convinced and lured many foreign nationals to set up a home in the city-state.

Each year more than 0.5 million receive a Singapore PR, and the numbers are increasing with each passing year. Although many people who work with a Singapore visa apply for a Singapore PR after some years, many other paths can give you a Singapore PR without major hassles. We have shared a short overview of the various Singapore PR schemes available. You can decide which one is best applicable to your needs and current situation.

About Singapore PR

Singapore PR scheme is a scheme that provides permanent resident status to the individual. If you work or study in Singapore and wish to settle there then you can apply for the Singapore PR scheme.

How To Apply For Singapore PR

An application for Singapore PR needs to be made to the ICA eService. The given documents are required-

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Recent education details
  • Testimonials from the companies you were an employee of
  • Tax assessment
  • Professional license and membership certificate

Once the application is submitted, an interview is scheduled at the ICA building. The necessary documents are also submitted after the appointment.

The processing time of Singapore PR is 4 to 6 months. Also, if you do not submit the proper documents, there can be more delay in processing your application.

Types Of PR Schemes

1. Individual schemes

The Singapore government has launched a PTS Scheme (Professionals/Technical Personnel and skilled workers) for foreign nationalities working in Singapore with a Singapore visa when applying for a Singapore PR. However, a Singapore visa is your gateway and the easiest way to receive a Singapore PR. Every Singapore visa doesn’t guarantee entry to the elite Singapore PR Club. Before their application, these individuals must be working for some years in Singapore. So, ideally, you need to have a Singapore work visa, commonly known as Employment or Entrepreneur Pass or S Pass or Personalised Employment Pass, to be deployed in Singapore.

2. Investors schemes

Personnel who invest with a minimum of 2.5 million Singapore dollars as a business opportunity or in an existing business in Singapore can also apply for a Singapore permanent residence program under the Global Investor Programme or GIP scheme. This scheme allows the application and their immediate family members a Singapore PR. All the investors who intend to be Singapore permanent resident eligibility complaint must have a good business track record, a proven entrepreneurial background, and a business proposal that indicates a systematic growth plan. There are two options in this scheme:

  • Invest in a startup or expand an existing business operation for a minimum of 2.5 million Singapore dollars.
  • Invest in a Global Investor Programme approved fund for a minimum of 2.5 million Singapore dollars.

Investors schemes for PR

3. Foreign talented artists

Singapore intends to be a regional Arts hub and has witnessed rapid growth in its art culture over the last few decades. If you are an individual talented in any form of art, theatre, literature, film, dance, photography, and music, you are eligible to apply for the foreign artistic talent scheme. To mark your Singapore permanent resident eligibility status, you need to be a recognized artist in your home country with an international reputation and possess relevant training and nurturing of your skill or field of practice. Your application is further enhanced if you have made relevant contributions to the Singapore arts and culture scene with a strong track record of local engagements and performance at the leadership level and have an affirmative plan to be actively involved in the Singapore arts and culture scene coming years.

Foreign talented artists

Benefits of having a Singapore PR

With a Singapore PR, you can easily enjoy the host of rights and benefits exclusive to citizens. The benefits include the following:

  • No visa restrictions for entering and leaving the country irrespective of your visit is for work or leisure. Everyone who gets a Singapore PR receives a Blue Card that acts as their Singapore identity document.
  • Individuals can get a long-term stay visa for their immediate parents
  • Switching jobs without reapplying for a Singapore work permit. All existing Singapore work visa holders must cancel their old Singapore visa and reapply for a new one if they must change jobs – it can be risky, and you can face several delays or rejections depending on your social and economic status.
  • The Singapore government launched a flexible pension scheme named CPF, where Singapore individuals contribute compulsorily with an option to withdraw a lump sum when they reach the retirement age of 55.
  • Higher priority for your kid’s public schooling. As a mandate, you need to send your son(s) for two years of military service once they are 18.
  • Right to purchase property

Your gateway to a Singapore Citizenship

Within 2-6 years of your a Singapore Permanent resident, you become eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship.

The Singapore Government has always welcomed professionals and individuals who intend to make a pragmatic influence on the country’s development and positively impact the Singapore economy in some form.

Therefore, you can always be sure that you can easily tick the Singapore permanent resident eligibility status if you have the right skills and situation that meets the Singapore PR schemes’ demands.


Q1. Can an Indian apply for Singapore PR?

Ans-Yes, an Indian can apply for Singapore PR but these criteria need to be met-

  • The applicant must have an employment pass or S-pass
  • Or, The applicant can be an investor in the country
  • Or, the applicant must be married to the person who is living in Singapore
  • Or, the applicant has an unmarried child under 21 years old, adopted or biological

Q2. What should be my minimum salary to be eligible for Singapore PR?

Ans- There is no specified amount as such. You just have to be an employee in a Singapore firm and have an employment pass.


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