Best International Airports in Singapore 2024

International Airports in Singapore

A land of futuristic skyscrapers and artificial waterfalls, Singapore is a city of modern wonders. It has several tourist attractions. While the city boasts several infrastructural masterpieces, the ones that capture the attention of international tourists the most are its airports.

Speaking of airports in Singapore, it has two major civilian airports. Both of them are special in their ways. In addition, the country also has two other airports. Read on to know more about the attributes that make them special to international tourists.

Two Major International Airports in Singapore

Singapore’s two civilian airports find a place in the world’s top-notch airports, as they match the global standards.

Here are the key details that you would want to know before visiting Singapore’s airports in person.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

 Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is a civilian airport located in Changi. Located nearly 20 kilometres away from Marian Bay on the north-eastern side, the location of the airport is strategic by nature. Changi Airport makes a significant contribution to Singapore’s transportation and is also one of the major attractions in Singapore.

It is Asia’s popular transportation hub; its busy atmosphere with both domestic and international passengers throughout the year explains why it is so. Changi Airport retained the top spot on Skytrax’s global list of top airports for seven years on the trot (between 2013 and 2020). It is the only airport to achieve this feat.

Changi Airport constitutes the core of Singapore Airlines. In addition, it also houses many other flight operators. This feature makes it one of the top international airports in Singapore. The additional flight operators that use Changi Airport as the home base are BOC Aviation, Jetstar Asia Airways, Scoot, SilkAir, and Singapore Airlines Cargo.

As of now, Singapore Changi Airport has a total of four terminals. The construction of another terminal, which is supposed to be the fifth one, is ongoing at present. It is scheduled to reach its completion by 2030.

One of the reasons that make Changi Airport popular is its convenience. It has a host of transport options featuring taxis, MRTs, and buses. Most tourists and visitors prefer chauffeured transportation to the other forms of transportation for traveling to Changi Airport.

When you come to Singapore on a Singapore tourist visa or Singapore e-visa. If you are a foodie or a passionate shopper, Changi Airport has the best restaurants and shopping centres for you. If you have been planning to go shopping in Singapore, do not miss out on going on a shopping spree at Changi Airport. When you come to Singapore on a Singapore tourist visa, do not forget to stop by the airport’s 400 shopping outlets. In these outlets, you can find a wide range of items. These include tech and electronic items, high-quality garments, tobacco, alcohol, and other items.

If you are a foodie, Changi Airport has more than 150 restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines. Apart from international delicacies, these restaurants serve Singaporean classics and vegan foods. The best thing about the food of these restaurants is that they are of the highest quality.

Other than shopping centres and restaurants, Changi Airport has a few other attractions. These include free sightseeing tours for 2-3 hours, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, and the aerobridge.

2. Seletar Airport

Seletar Airport Singapore

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Another major airport for passenger travel, Seletar Airport, is based in Seletar, which is located in the north-eastern part of Singapore. The airport is located at a distance of about 16 kilometres from the Changi Airport in Singapore. The Changi Airport looks after its operations and exercises total control over its management. Despite its second position from the standpoint of prominence, it was built much earlier than Changi Airport. It has been operating since 1928.

Seletar Airport has an interesting history behind it. Before RAF handed the airport to RSAF in 1971, it served both civilian and military purposes. The airport has been handling private jets and general aviation since 1971.

The Government of Singapore was once mulling over the extension of its runway. However, it postponed the plan and built a standard terminal in the Changi Airport instead. Apart from serving the civilian needs, the airport also serves the purpose of military use.

Seletar Airport was also proposed for limited commercial service. The rationale behind it was to establish a separate airport, other than the main airport of Singapore, for small-sized planes. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic affected the implementation of this plan to a large extent. Following the resumption of travel in 2021, the flight operations started in the airport once again.

At present, Seletar Airport has a distinct area for quicker check-in and private drop-offs. This facility is exclusively available for those passengers who board private jets and chartered business flights.

Firefly, which is a turboprop airline, offers cheaper passenger flights from the terminal at Seletar Airport.

However, Seletar Airport has fewer transportation options in comparison to Changi Airport. Often times, it leads to inconvenience for passengers. Unlike Changi Airport, Seletar Airport does not have too many restaurants and shopping centres. It has only one F&B kiosk wherein passengers can order some quick food.


Overall, Singapore has two airports for civilian use. Singapore Changi Airport is the more prominent one between them. Also, it is one of the best international airports in Singapore. Here, you will find the best restaurants and shopping centres. Plus, it also has many more tourist attractions, along with other facilities, for international tourists.

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