10 Interesting and Fun Facts of Singapore that You Never Know

Singapore is unique! There is no doubt that it is on the travel bucket list of many wanderlusts. However, the destination encompasses more than iconic landmarks. The nation is characterized by its oddities and titbits of information that makes it exceptional. If you are planning to visit Singapore soon, why not take some time to explore some interesting facts about the country? These fascinating and fun facts about Singapore will make you even more intrigued by it.

Fascinating Singapore Facts

Pulau Ubin Island


1. It’s not just one island that makes up Singapore

The country of Singapore isn’t one island; a total of 64 islands, including the main one, make up the nation. Even though mainland Singapore has seen the most development, Singapore also has a lot of islands in the surrounding waters. Most of these islands are uninhabited, but a few offer a unique perspective on Singapore. So when you visit Singapore, don’t just stick with the main island or Sentosa; make the most of your Singapore visa by going to Pulau Semakau, Lazarus Island, Kusu Island, Pulau Ubin, and other nearby islands with excursions and island hopping experiences.

2. Singapore is one of the greenest cities

Singapore will make those who say it’s a concrete jungle eat their words. While it’s modern in every way, it doesn’t neglect natural scenery. With over 300 parks and 4 nature reserves, you’re never far from a refreshing green space in Singapore. Somewhat half of the area is covered in green. The country values both modernity and nature. The city is embedded with beautifully designed and well-maintained gardens. Furthermore, it strives to reduce the environmental impact of modern life and make itself a bio-diverse greenest city in the world.

Sentosa island Singapore

3. The world’s first nocturnal zoo-cum- safari is located here

You can set out on a wildlife safari at night in Singapore. Night Safari Singapore is the world’s first night zoo. Visitors can ride trams through a sprawling arena teeming with nocturnal animals at night. This one-of-a-kind zoo opens only at night and is a must-see in Singapore.

4. Singapore is one of only three city-states in the world

On a world map, Singapore appears as a tiny dot on the Malaysian Peninsula. This makes it one of the world’s smallest countries, but it is also one of three city-states, along with Monaco and Vatican City.

5. You can’t chew gum in Singapore

Singapore is frequently referred to as a “fine city.” The phrase has two meanings: first, the destination is clean and beautiful to live in, and second, it is so clean due to a slew of restrictions and fines imposed if not complied with. In Singapore, there are some strict rules that visitors and locals must follow or face penalties or punishment for not obeying them. Some of these may appear to be quite silly, but Singapore maintains them to ensure that the country remains clean and convenient for all. You won’t believe this, but there is an SGD 150 fine for not flushing a public restroom. Most importantly, chewing gums are banned in the country. You are prohibited from doing a number of things, including singing, using someone else’s wireless network without permission, feeding animals and birds, and jaywalking.

Can’t chew gum in Singapore

6. Singapore has its own language – Singlish

Singapore is known for its Asian cultural diversity, and when you combine that with the country’s British colonial era, you can guess that the country’s population speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. However, the locals have developed their own version of English, which they proudly call Singlish. This dialect is widely spoken in Singapore, with many words making their way into the Oxford dictionary. There is also the Peranakan community, which has its own dialect.

7. Changi Airport is home to the world’s highest indoor waterfall

There are two international airports in Singapore, and the Changi Airport is the most popular one. The Changi airport, which is also one of the best attractions in Singapore, is the first place you see when you arrive. One of the facts about Singapore is that its international airport is one of the cleanest and most magnificent in the world, having won the award for ‘Best Airport in the World’ multiple times. There are numerous attractions within the airport, including The Jewel, the world’s highest man-made indoor waterfall. It is a sight you will come across when you move through the terminals at Changi Airport.

Changi Airport waterfall

8. Singapore almost did not become a country

One fact about Singapore history is that the country was forgotten for nearly two centuries after the Portuguese destroyed it in the 1600s. It was rediscovered during the colonialization era by Britisher Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who turned it into a port city. In fact, Sentosa Island was a military base and a prison camp before it became the popular tourist destination that it is today.

9. There is only one UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore

Singapore Botanical Garden is over 160 years old, and its verdant collection of wilderness has earned it a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. It is the only attraction in Singapore to receive this honour, and it also houses the world’s largest tropical orchid garden.

10. Singaporeans walk fast!

If you are out for a stroll in Singapore, you might sense that everyone is in a rush. But that’s just the way it is in Singapore. Singaporeans walk fast. In fact, the residents have been recognised as the world’s fastest walkers, with studies proving they cover 19 metres in less than 12 seconds. So, the next time you go for a stroll on pedestrian walkways, make sure you pick up the pace because strolling leisurely can irk locals at times.

Singapore walk fast


Don’t drop your jaws yet, because Singapore is much more than this. The Lion City is a truly incredible city-state with picture-perfect landscapes and wonderful things to do. Get your visa and fly to this fabulous place. These fun Singapore facts will keep you excited during the trip and make you fall more in love with the country.

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