Walk on the Wild Side at the Night Safari in Singapore 2024


The Dragon City of Singapore transforms into a whole different world after the dark. It welcomes people to enjoy its nightlife without worrying about being noticed by someone. There are several nightclubs in this island-city that are hotspots of revelers. But the city also wears a new identify after the dusk as it throws open the Night Safari for nocturnal animals. The Night Safari is one of its kind and first in the world where tourists can take a guided tour and experience closely in the nights.

The Night Safari in Singapore was opened in 1994. It is spread in 85 acres of land is a home to several rare species that are usually found in the Asian region. For the wildlife enthusiasts, the safari park is like a picture-perfect postcard. If you are one of them who loves to watch friendly and fiercer animals from a close distance, this place is best to quench the wildlife explorer in you. There are many ways here to explore the wildlife adventure. But visitors usually prefer exploring the park on a guided tram tour. The tram will take you for a forty-minute expedition where you can have a closer look at weird and unique animals.

Night safari in singapore is a must sightseeing to do in december month

The best thing about the guide tram tour is that you will see changes in landscape, wildlife habitats, and vegetation as the tram moves forward at a relaxing speed. If you insist, the driver will also take a halt and let you have an eyeful of the animals. Traversing through the park in the dark while listening to the buzzing insects, gushing water, and forest sounds is like living a life on the edge. There are different zones classified according to their features. You will enjoy the tram ride moving through the seven most interesting geographical zones of the world while enjoying a live commentary.

The seven zones that are a mix of Asian and Equatorial Africa are:

1.Himalayan Foothill

Get the feeling of the Himalayan mountain range by driving at this Himalayan Foothill tailored to provide you similar experience. This rocky terrain has steep slopes and lush-green vegetation. You will see Himalayan tahrs, bharals, and the markhors. Their long and spiral horns make them distinct from other wild goats found elsewhere.

2.Indian Subcontinent

This zone is repleted with animals found in the Indian subcontinent. You will see striped hyenas  who prey only in the night. The tram ride will also help you to see Gir lions roaming freely. These Asian lions are more aggressive than their African counterparts and are rapidly dwindling in numbers. You can also hear and spot sloth bear here.

3.Equatorial Africa

The plains of Equatorial Africa is habited by Grant’s zebras, Cape giraffes. And oryxes. To see these herbivorous animals, you have to get down off the tram and walk the paths. You can also have a striking sight of the African antelopes with their zigzag horns and white stripes. Keep your eyes open wide for spotting the heavy weight Nile hippos grazing on the ground.

4.Indo-Malayan Region

This zone is abundant with lush rainforest and habitats that love to grow beside the mangrove. You can hear the melodious barks of the red river hogs that are one of the most beautiful species of wild pigs. Their tufts ears, red-brown fur, black legs, and white stripes down their stomach are the interesting features to watch for.

5.Asian Riverine Forest

While on the route of the riverine rainforests, you will see Malayan tapirs and beautiful Asian elephants roaming freely. The tapirs are the ones that are difficult to spot due to their black and white coats as they can hide easily anywhere. However, the sight that you will impress you the most is of the grazing of the Asian elephants. The Asian Riverine Forest is also a home to the bearded pigs and red dholes. You can even spot numerous wild dogs here.

6.Nepalese River Valley

The tram meanders through this river valley that is habited by Asian deer known as “Sambar.” The saurus cranes, which are the tallest flying birds can also be seen here. As you are busy exploring this zone, you can hear the howling sound of Indian wolf. But the pick of this zone is the Asian rhinoceros.  The intimidating, yet beautiful animal is a sight to behold.

7.Burmese Hillside

This is the last zone of the Night Safari for those who has opted for a tram ride. The tram will take you to this route after covering all the six zones. You can catch a view of gaur, Asiatic black deer, and Malayan tiger here.

If you prefer to explore the safari park on foot, then you will be delighted to do on any one of the four walking trails. Taking the walking trails will help you see more animals than you will do with a tram ride. Two of the walking trails that you must explore is the Fishing Cat trail and the Leopard Trail. The latter trail is true to its name as it has a wide collection of leopards from the Southeast Asia. You can also catch the opportunity to see Malayan flying foxes and huge flying squirrels gliding through the air over your head. For this pleasing experience, you have to take the trail where two enormous aviaries are built. If the flying squirrels have entertained you, march ahead and reach at the Wallaby Trail where you can see animals that are native of Australia.

Taking a guided tram tour to explore Night Safari in Singapore is the best way to experience wildlife adventure. You can choose a Singapore Holiday Package that offers night safari along with the city tour. Take to internet for searching a tour company that can offer a combo service of Singapore visa as well as a holiday package. It is better to look for an all-rounder who can provide multiple services at one go.

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