Visa Information of Singapore for India Passport Holder Living in United Arab Emirates

Singapore visa for Indian passport holder from UAE

There is a large Indian Diaspora living in the United Arab Emirates. The kingdom employs a sizeable Indian population. Therefore, the rules can be a little complicated for Indians with an Indian passport wanting to travel to Singapore. The following information that is being provided will guide on getting a Singapore Visa.

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Documents Required and the Steps to Follow for a Singapore Visa

  • Keep your original and signed Indian Passport ready. Please ensure that the passport is valid up to 6 months from the date you will be travelling to Singapore.
  • Get 2 new passport sized (2X2 inches) photographs. Ensure that the picture has not been used in any previous passport or visa application. Your full face should be visible. Do not wear any headgear. If you are required to wear headgear for religious reasons, please make sure your face is completely visible.
  • Proof of status showing Indian and UAE citizenship. If you do not have UAE citizenship, provide proof of legal status in the UAE like UAE Visa, work visa, etc.
  • Photocopy of your itinerary or round trip tickets. Your name must be present on them
  • Photocopy of a letter from your employer in UAE stating your employment, position, their permission granting you leave, reason and duration of the trip, and assurance that you will return to the job. All the information should be on the official company letterhead. If you are a self-employed business owner, you should include a photocopy of your tax return or business license. If you are retired, provide proof of having a retirement fund. If you are a student, you should include an official letter from your school or college stating that you are in good standing, and are registered for the next semester.
  • You also need a copy of your hotel reservations, containing your name and dates.

After all the above mentioned documents are in order, you can apply online or through post. In online applications, you also have to make payment online. In postal applications, you have to make a postal order according to the amount stated by the Singapore High Commission. You can also submit your application at the Singapore High Commission, or any other equivalent Singaporean authority. Here you are required to submit the application during their official working hours, and pay the fee in cash (*the fee is non-refundable, irrespective of the status of your visa).Or else, you can simply contact the visa authorities at and we will make sure your visa application process becomes easy and effortless.

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