11 Reasons why it is a Good Idea to visit Singapore during off-season

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Singapore is the ultimate fun destination in Asia. Filled with futuristic attractions, clean beaches, and streets, lush gardens and nature reserves and a fusion of multicultural masses, Singapore is one destination that offers you a complete Asian holiday experience. Singapore is considered as a year-round Asian destination, but it can get overwhelmingly crowded during the months of festivals. So how do you plan your vacation where you can enjoy Singapore without the bustling hordes of tourists? That’s simple, you plan your visits in those months when there aren’t any major events happening and also just as the peak season starts to ebb off. Tourists usually flock to Singapore during the pleasant months of February till March and July till September. The tourism season also swells during the Chinese New Year period. On other months, Singapore mellows down in tourism aspect and this is the time to take advantage of Singapore’s low season facilities. Here are our top 5 reasons on why you should plan your Singapore travel in off-seasons.

1. Flight tickets and hotel rates are less expensive

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Visit Singapore and the first thing you notice is that everything is expensive. Right from flight tickets, hotel accommodation to shopping and dining, everything puts a lot of stress on your wallet. Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to travel among the South East Asian countries. However, if you travel during off-season months, you get a good bargain on flight tickets and accommodation rates. Usually, months of May, June, September, October, and November are when the tourist crowd trickles out and prices are slashed down. Keep a watch out for low season promotional offers and grab these for your trip to Singapore.

2. Escape the tourist crowds

Another big advantage of travelling during the off-season to Singapore is the lack of stifling, crowded places. Since Singapore is a destination filled with theme parks and attractions, peak seasons witness throngs of tourists, mostly families and groups travelling together. As the high season eases out, you can enjoy attractions without a chaotic ambience and have a great time during your Singapore holiday.

3. Hassle-free access to Singapore attractions

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Fewer crowds mean hassle-free accessibility to your favourite shortlisted attractions. During high seasons, there may rise chances where you had planned on spending a day at few of your favourite Singapore point of interests, only to find out that you can manage to access only one or two attractions because of waiting in long queues for hours due to the crowds. You end up getting disappointed that you could not cover all the places to visit in Singapore travel bucket list that you planned out especially for your trip. In off-seasons, you don’t need to wait for long to enter at Singapore attractions and you can explore Singapore at your own pace and flexibility.

4. Enjoy the indoor parks

Singapore is prone to occasional rainfalls and during off-seasons, this can be experienced quite often as the weather in Singapore is quite unpredictable. However, rains need not dampen your holiday excitement as Singapore is a destination that offers a plethora of indoor recreational attractions as well. In Singapore, there won’t be a single moment where you would wonder what to do next and where to go in Singapore. One of the biggest attraction and things to do in Singapore is the S.E.A Aquarium which is a gigantic underwater realm with an extensive collection of marine life on display. You can easily spend an entire day here marveling at the gorgeous underwater creatures. At Gardens by the Bay, you can visit the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at Cloud Forest which is one of the magnificent sights you will encounter in Singapore. Look forward to an exhilarating day at Zoom Park Asia, Kallang Ice World, Snow City and iFly Singapore to name a few. Kids can have a thrilling time at activity classes such as Eat, Play, Love, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle and Cookery Magic.  Singapore also has a series of museums, some of which have unique themes such as the Mint Museum of Toys and The Cat Museum that are ideal to explore anytime during your trip.

5. Relish a ‘value for money’ experience at Singapore Food Festival

If you are in Singapore in July, you are in for a treat! Singapore brings to you an eclectic fusion of flavours and aromas with Singapore Food Festival. Being a multiethnic country, the food culture is amazingly diverse and vibrant. The Food Festival is the best way to sample some of the most scrumptious cuisines of the country at reasonable prices. The 50 Cent Fest, Sentosa Grill Fest, the signature feast – STREAT and Heritage dinners organized by popular chefs are few of the food experiences you shouldn’t miss on your Singapore trip. The month of July in Singapore is just the start of the tourism season, thus there wouldn’t be much crowd during this time in Singapore.

6. Spend your time leisurely at Sentosa Island

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Sentosa Island is perhaps the most famous and overhyped destination in Singapore. Thanks to its popularity, every Singapore visitor makes it a point to visit this destination during their holiday. Hence, you would not find this particular region without flocks of tourists. However, the crowd thins out during the off-season and this is the perfect opportunity to chalk out your favourite Sentosa holiday package and visit all the places you want to experience on your Singapore trip. Discover the delightful world of Universal Studios Singapore where a world of entertainment and thrilling adventure rides awaits you. Adventure Cove Water Park, S.E.A Aquarium, and Skyline Luge Sentosa are other attractions where the experience of fun and thrill is further enhanced during the off seasons as you don’t have to rush from one attraction to other and can enjoy the experience smoothly. Finally, laze leisurely on some of the famous beaches in Singapore located in Sentosa island during off seasons which otherwise are jam-packed with tourists throughout the year.

7. Take a Closer Look at Authentic Culture

When you visit a new place, it’s natural to want to experience the local culture and way of life. However, this can be difficult to do during peak tourist season when many of the experiences are geared towards visitors rather than locals. By visiting Singapore during the off-season, you will have a better chance of experiencing an authentic culture up close. You will be able to visit local markets, attend local festivals, and interact with locals more naturally. This can be a great way to uncover hidden secrets about the city and its people, and gain a deeper appreciation for Singapore’s unique culture and traditions.

8. Best Time to Ride the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It offers stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and is a great way to learn and experience Singapore’s layout and architecture. However, during peak tourist season, the lines to ride the Flyer can be incredibly long and frustrating. If you visit Singapore during the off-season, you will have a much better chance of riding the Flyer without a long wait. This means that you can enjoy the views and spend enough time without feeling rushed or crowded.

9. Comfortable Weather

Singapore is known for its hot and humid weather, which can be a challenge for visitors. However, if you visit during the off-season, you can wander in the city-state in comfortable weather. While it’s still warm and humid, the temperatures are generally lower, and there’s less chances of rain than during peak tourist season. This means that you will be able to explore the city without feeling overwhelmed by the heat or worrying about getting caught in a sudden downpour. You can enjoy outdoor activities like walking tours and bike rides without feeling like you’ll melt.

10. Discover Hidden Gems

One of the best things about visiting Singapore during the off-season is that you will have the opportunity to discover hidden gems you might not have found during the high season. When there are fewer tourists around, it’s easier to explore some of the less-traveled areas of the city and stumble upon unique local experiences. For example, you might find a quaint neighborhood filled with street art or stumble upon a hidden food market that’s popular with locals.

11. Enjoy Special Events and Festivals

Singapore is known for its many festivals and special events throughout the year, from the Lunar New Year celebrations to the Singapore Food Festival. However, these events can be incredibly crowded and overwhelming during peak tourist season. By visiting Singapore during the off-season, you can soak in the vibrance of these festivals without dealing with massive crowds. You can fully immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions without feeling like you’re competing with hundreds of other tourists for the best view or experience.

Tips for Visiting Singapore During the Off-Season

If you’re convinced that visiting Singapore during the off-season is a good idea, here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip:

  • Research The Weather and Plan Accordingly: While the weather is generally more comfortable during the off-season, there can still be sudden rainstorms or heat waves. So, prepare your luggage with the right clothing,
  • Book Accommodations and Attractions in Advance: While fewer tourists may be around during the off-season, it’s still important to book your accommodations and attractions to ensure that you get the best deals and availability.
  • Take Advantage of Local Transportation: Singapore’s excellent public transportation system, including buses and trains, can help you get around the city quickly and easily.
  • Be Respectful of Local Customs and Traditions: Singapore is a diverse and multicultural city, and it’s important to respect the local customs and traditions of the people who live there.
  • Try The Local Cuisine: Singapore is a food lover’s paradise, and the off-season is the perfect time to sample the local cuisine without competing for tables at popular restaurants. Try dishes like laksa, chili crab, and Hainanese chicken rice for a true taste of Singapore.
  • Enjoy The Cultural Events: Even during the off-season, Singapore hosts a range of cultural events and festivals, from the Singapore Food Festival to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Check out the events calendar before your visit and plan your trip accordingly.
  • Explore The City’s Green Spaces: Singapore is known for its stunning parks and gardens, and the off-season is the perfect time to explore them. Visit the Botanic Gardens, the MacRitchie Reservoir, or the Southern Ridges for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Take A Day Trip: Singapore’s location makes it pretty easy to take day trips to nearby destinations like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

While travelling to Singapore, it is essential to consider the weather. Being a tropical island country set close to the equator, Singapore doesn’t seem to have separate, consistent seasons. It is usually hot and humid most of the year with temperature hardly fluctuating and with two bouts of the monsoon season. However, November to January witnesses most rainfalls, February is considered the coldest month and May is the hottest month. Nevertheless, whichever month you decide to travel, make sure you do pack for unpredictable downpours. So, next time you get your Singapore visa requirements done, do keep in mind to take advantage of the off-season travel to Singapore for a hassle-free holiday experience.


Q1. What activities can I do while visiting Singapore during the off-season?

Ans. During this time, you can explore its numerous attractions and activities without worrying about overcrowding. From exploring historical sites to indulging in delicious cuisine, you can do plenty of things. 

Q2. How can I save money when visiting Singapore in the off-season?

Ans. With careful planning and research, you can find great deals on flights and accommodations and discounts on attractions and activities.

Q3. What attractions are open during the off-season in Singapore?

Ans. From cultural sites to outdoor adventures, most of the places are open to everyone in Singapore during the off-season. Some popular attractions are the Adventure Cove Water Park, S.E.A Aquarium, and Skyline Luge Sentosa.

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