Places to visit in Asia, this Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Places to Visit in Asia

Asia as a continent is rich in different culture and traditions. Countries in Asia see a mix of people from different caste, creed and religion. This eclectic mix of people makes Asia a place where festivals of each religion are celebrated with pomp and fervour.

This Christmas welcome Santa and celebrate New Year in one of the following paradisiacal places in Asia.

1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Christmas and New Year in Kuala Lumpur is one of the most celebrated occasions of a year. This bustling capital of Malaysia witnesses massive parties, fireworks, dance and music along with countdowns are attended by thousands of locals and tourists alike at street fairs. From booze parties to live concert you will be a witness to some of the most amazing parties at the backdrop of the Twin towers.

Head to one of the famous roof top bars and shake some leg while partying hard for Christmas and New Year. Do visit Chankat Bukit Bintang which is the city’s most happening pub, bars and lively restaurants centre. Bright lights, ever flowing drinks and some hep crowd is what you can find there. This late night boulevard is famous for its hip hop music, ground shaking electro dance, and some lip smacking delicacies at the time of Christmas and New Year Party. Malaysia is a hot spot for Asian holidays during December.

2. Singapore

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of the most awaited Singapore’s festivals and events. In the Lion City Singapore, you can expect all the dancing and all the singing type of Christmas and New Year. Christmas is celebrated as a secular festival in Singapore with going crazy types shopping, visiting exciting attractions in Singapore, full on entertainment and spending time with Santa Claus activities. When you are in Singapore, you can expect complete transformation of the city as a fantasy land with the entire city bedecked with lightings, and shops selling everything from candy canes to gum drops. During this time, you will find several Instagram worthy spots in Singapore. The malls and city centres remain open for extended hours and offer attractive rates of almost all stuffs to celebrate the festival. This island country is a perfect destination to start your Asian tour, so if you haven’t yet, the time to book your Singapore holiday package is now!

3. Philippines


The Pearl of the Orient Seas as it is known, Christmas and New Year in Philippines is celebrated with full fervour. Christmas is celebrated by preparing lechon (roasted pig) and is celebrated with dance and music. New Year in Philippines holds a very important place in terms of festivals. The Filipinos believe in ushering in a prosperous New Year. Traditional noodles, sweets and malagkit (sticky) rice is prepared as they believe that the good luck will stick for an entire year. Fish and chicken are not served during new year as they believe these animals scrounge for food and eating them will leave you scrounging for food the coming year.

Filipinos go bang bang with fire crackers during New Year where you see types and magnitudes of firecrackers bursting all through the night. It is widely believed that the doors and windows of houses must be kept open for good luck to enter the house.

4. Thailand


Thailand’s shopping malls to luxury hotels get dressed up to serve tourists during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Christmas trees are decorated and special menus are prepared with delicacies to serve tourists. From Glitzy hotels such as Hyatt and InterContinental to small restaurants every place during Christmas and New Year comes alive. If you wish to tingle your taste buds go for an all out buffet dinner experience at Hyatt or Continental and have a blast. If you wish to go to a budget restaurant and yet not miss on the enjoyment go to local restaurants that serve local and international cuisines with a twist.

5. India


Unity in diversity is the national ideology of India. And what best occasion to judge the same than on festive occasions. Christmas is a festival that is celebrated by people of all religion in India. Christian families go to churches for mass and feast on delicacies. Though Christmas is celebrated across the length and breadth in India, special places to be during Christmas and New Year are Goa, Manali, Shimla, Kerala, Auli, and Gulmarg. Rave parties with music, dance, hep crowd and scintillating ambience keep you energized all night long for you to rock the floor. If you’re more of a cultural traveller, then simply choose any destination across the entire country and you’ll find a Christian festival being celebrated with enthusiasm everywhere across religions.

6. Vietnam


During Christmas and New Year Vietnam comes alive with streets and churches lit with bright lights. Prayers and carols are sung, confetti is thrown and plays are performed to charge up the atmosphere. Cathedrals are visited by Christians for Mass. The best part about enjoying Christmas in Vietnam is the fact that it is cheaper than most of the countries and you can enjoy a luxurious vacation at an extremely competitive price.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Is your idea of an ideal Christmas and New Year celebration is to shop till you drop? Then Hong Kong is the place to be. Get some of the best deals in Hong Kong for your souvenirs and shopping goals. Other than shopping the city is known world over for its delectable cuisine. Easy to reach and perfectly affordable even by backpackers, Hong Kong is your place to be for a perfect Christmas and New year vacation.


Asia has been on the top priority list of travelers across the globe for its sheer magnificence, diversity, and abundant natural beauty. While there are several more amazing places to visit in Asia, the destinations on this list are the ones that are especially a must visit during Christmas and new Year.

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