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Roughly 700 square kilometers in size, the tiny city-state of Singapore, though, packs an enormous thump. From distinctive architectural splendors and charismatic colonial sights to verdant green parks and grand museums, Singapore is certain to intrigue and entertain all types of visitors. The place is also a serious gastronomic hotspot, offering some exotic delicacies, infusing strong elements of European, Malay, and Chinese cultures.

We’ve compiled this guide to provide you some great info on what to see in Singapore, along with amazing entertainment and dining choices.

Things to See

1.Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands – majestically standing on central business district – is attributed for giving a phenomenal facelift to Singapore’s skyline. Not alone noteworthy for its exquisite collection of 2,500 of rooms and suites, it’s equally popular for its Skypark offering 360 degree views of the city, rooftop infinity pool, world-class business and meeting facilities, and more than 60 dining venues.

2.Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

This 101-hectare of botanical tour de force is where you’ll come across some of the world’s most exotic and petite collections of plants. A sight to behold is Supertree mangrove – a cluster of giant man-made trees, especially when it’s beautifully illumed in the evening. Highlights also include a massive biodome which mimics the setting and climate of a hilltop forest. It also houses the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

3.Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

This vast wildlife park has several distinct zones, sheltering over 2500 animals including mammals, reptiles, and birds in their natural habitat. See endangered species like white tigers, admire the enchanting rainforest diversity and have some really unique fun moments with a breakfast experience in company of orangutans.

4.Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Distinguished as the first UNESCO heritage site in Singapore, it’s the oldest of its kind garden in the region and also a pride of nation. Occupying the 74 hectares of pristine greenery is a stunning trove of over 60,000 plants and orchids in several mindblowing colors and shapes. The best thing is that it’s open to public and entry is absolutely free.

5.Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

Once the most prominent hub of trade and commerce in Singapore, this quay has become more refined over the years, but it still maintains its unmatched legacy.  Visit here to enjoy a great waterfront dining and experience eclectic nightlife and also incredible entertainment in an effervescent atmosphere.

6.Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum

Anyone with a fascination for art, culture and history is sure to admire this engaging museum, which deftly preserves Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage. More than 1,200 artifacts, depicting several Asian cultures, are displayed in its 11 thematic galleries.

7.Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

Credited to be the Asia Pacific’s largest bird park, this hillside sanctuary provides a natural setting for over 5000 birds from 400 species. Not-to-be-missed highlights are Waterfall Aviary featuring a waterfall at a height of 30 meters; Lory Loft inhabiting Australian specialties; Penguin Coasts where you can see playful residents of Antarctica; and Pelican Cove with several different species of pelicans.

8.Merlion Park

Merlion Park

As the name suggests, the statue of mighty Merlion with lion’s head and fish’s body is the main attraction of this park. It offers perfect photo op with great views, framed by the stunning backdrop of the Marina Bay.

Things to Do

1.A day of untainted fun and adventure in Sentosa Island:

Fun and adventure in Sentosa Island

Your Singapore visit can’t be complete without a whole day trip to the man-made island of Sentosa. Bursting with attractions like Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios, Sentosa Skyline Luge & Skyride, Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom Resort World Sentosa Casino, this ever-dynamic island promises you to delight and enthrall at every turn.

2.Ride in Singapore Flyer:

Ride in Singapore Flyer

For an unrivaled view of the city-state’s mesmerizing citsyscape, lush greenery, and islands, make your way to this giant Ferris wheel perched at a height of 165 meters. Overlooking the glamorous Marina Bay, it offers a huge spectrum of food and beverage outlets, besides an open-theater where live shows are conducted.

3.Night Safari:

Night Safari Singapore

Rated as one of the most popular family attractions in Singapore, Night Safari is the world’s first of its kind jungle park, with genuinely developed habitat to inhabit nocturnal animals, such as Himalayan tahrs, striped hyenas, oryxes, and bearded pigs. An open air tram will introduce you to its varied sections, representing the world’s distinct geographical environs. There are also walking trails to see the residents of the park more up-close.

4.Retail Therapy:

Retail Therapy - Orchard Road

Shopping is one of the favorite national pastimes means you’re sure not to run out of choices here. While high-end shoppers can head out to glossy malls, stores and designer boutiques along Orchard Road and Marina Bay, vintage collectors and those looking for quirky finds can go for a shopping spree to such spots as Haji Lane and Ann Siang Hill and Club Street.

5.Get a slice of India and China in Singapore:

Slice of India and China in Singapore

There is always something going on in Little India, with several vibrant streets and markets, beautiful shrines, and year-round festivals – all depicting rich Indian culture and heritage. Equally worth visiting is Chinatown which enthralls you with its fascinating array of Chinese inspired temples, houses, and shops.

6.Captain Explorer DUKW tour:

Captain Explorer DUKW tour

Another unique thing to do in Singapore is to take a trip onboard the restored Vietnam War vehicle, known as Captain Explorer DUKW. The specialty is that it takes you on a ride through both by land and water. Sounds thrilling, right?

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What to Eat

Vacationing in Singapore is not all about sightseeing and leisure activities; it also means eating the delicious local fare. When it comes to things to eat in Singapore, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Here is our pick of must-try Singaporean delicacies.

1.Bak Kut Teh:

Bak Kut Teh

Literally meaning ‘pork bone tea’, the key ingredient of this dish is tender pork ribs cooked in a savory broth consisting of several herbs as well as spices. There are two versions of Bak Kut The available, including Teochew with pepper flavored soup and Klang featuring thick soup.

Where to eat : Sun fong Bak kut teh, Old Street bak kut teh

2.Oyster Omelette:

Oyester Omelette

With eggs, potato starch and shellfish as its key ingredients, this simple hawker dish is a favorite of both locals and foreigners.

Where to eat: One of the best places to sample this dish is Ah Hock Fried Oyster Hougang.

3.Soft-boiled Eggs with Kaya Toast:

Soft-boiled Eggs with Kaya Toast

A combination of thin-sliced crunchy white bread, soft-cooked egg, and thick kaya custard made of eggs, coconut cream, and sugar, makes this dish one of the favored choices for breakfast in Singapore.

Where to eat: Good Morning Nanyang Café is one of the places to try this food.

4.Crab Delicacies:

Crab Delicacies

The highlight of any gastronomic tour in Singapore is sampling its meticulously cooked crab dishes, mainly chili crabs.

Where to eat: Among the place’s most preferred crab stalls are Long Beach Seafood, Red House Seafood Restaurant, and Crab Party.

5.Fried Carrot Cake:

Fried Carrot Cake

Contrary to its name, this dish contains no carrot and is mainly a blend of stir-fried radish flour cakes and eggs.

Where to eat: Seek out venues like Fu Ming Carrot Cake and He Zhong Carrot Cake for an authentic taste of this Singaporean dessert.

With a plentiful supply of astonishing choices, you’ll, by no means, be stuck for things to see, do, and of course, eat in Singapore!

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1. What are some must-see attractions in Singapore?

Must-see attractions in Singapore include Marina Cove Sands, Nurseries by the Narrows, Singapore Zoo, Botanic Nurseries, and Clarke Quay, each offering remarkable encounters displaying the city-state’s different contributions.

2. What are a few famous activities to do in Singapore?

Investigating Sentosa Island with its different attractions, taking a ride on the Singapore Flyer for all-encompassing perspectives, encountering the Night Safari, enjoying retail treatment at Plantation Street, and submerging in the social energies of Little India and Chinatown are some well-known activities in Singapore.

3. Where are the best places to eat nearby Singaporean delights?

Go to eminent diners like Ah Sell Seared Shellfish Hougang for Clam Omelet, Great Morning Nanyang Bistro for Delicate bubbled Eggs with Kaya Toast, Long Ocean side Fish or Red House Fish Eatery for Crab Luxuries, and Fu Ming Carrot Cake or He Zhong Carrot Cake for Broiled Carrot Cake for examining neighborhood Singaporean delights.

4. How might I make the most out of my visit to Sentosa Island?

Plan an entire day schedule including visits to Resorts World Sentosa, Widespread Studios, Sentosa Horizon Sled and Skyride, Singapore Butterfly and Bug Realm, and Resort World Sentosa Club for a different scope of diversion choices.

5. What are a few remarkable visits accessible in Singapore?

Remarkable visits accessible in Singapore include the Chief Voyager DUKW visit, offering a ride via land and water installed a reestablished Vietnam War vehicle. You can investigate the lively social territories of Little India and Chinatown for a sample of Indian and Chinese legacy and customs.


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