Singapore Visa Photo Size Requirement & Specification Guide 2023

Singapore is a fascinating Asian destination, which many wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. To visit Singapore, a visa is a crucial aspect of travel planning. In the process of knowing how to get a visit visa to Singapore, learning what type of visa you want and gathering the necessary documentation, making sure it is correct and corresponds with what the visa application requires, can become overwhelming and stressful. The disappointment is extreme when you receive a visa rejection notification after carefully submitting your visa application and documents. Especially when you discover it was because the photographs you sent in your documentation didn’t meet Singapore visa guidelines. Singapore visa applicants’ photographs carry a lot of significance and so you need to make sure you have submitted your photos according to Singapore visa photo specifications. Find out what you need to remember when submitting a photograph for your Singapore visa application.

Singapore visa photo size requirements at a glance

Photo Height x Width 45 mm x 35 mm
Photo size in pixels  400 x 514 pixels
Background Plain White with no designs or shadows
Face Orientation Full view above shoulders, Front-facing and eyes open
Photo Quality Clear without distortion or glare. Matte finish for hard copy
Visa photo colour Colour photos only

Singapore Visa Photo requirement guide

Take utmost care while submitting your Singapore visa photographs. Examine it similarly to the documentation and forms that you scrutinized when applying for a visa. Your photograph should be error-free too!

  • To begin with, the photograph for your Singapore visa should be a fresh photograph. It should not be older than three months. For your visa application, it is recommended that you get a new photograph taken, rather than using any recently taken photos. The photo should feature a sole individual. The picture should not be cut or cropped from any existing photographs.


  • Singapore visa applicants usually have to submit their photographs online. If you have to send a hard copy, then the photograph size should be 45 mm x 35 mm and should have a matte finish. It means that the picture’s surface should not reflect light so that it can be easily and clearly viewed in a brightly lit room.

Singapore Visa Photo Size


  • The Singapore visa photo size dimension for online submission is 400 x 514 pixels and the file must be a jpeg file with a file size of not more than 2 MB.
  • To ensure better lighting, ensure the photograph is taken at a proper photo studio. In any case, refrain from taking the picture from a mobile camera. Do not take a selfie for your Singapore visa photograph. If you face a situation where you only have a mobile camera to get your Singapore visa photograph clicked, then there are specific apps that are designed to take photographs as per Singapore visa requirements.


  • The photograph must be taken against a plain white background. Choose an outfit that contrasts with the white background. The photograph should not have any borders around it.


  • Photos should be shot under optimal lighting conditions with a clear front-facing shot. The lighting should not be too bright, too low lit, should not cast shadows or glare. Avoid taking the photo directly under a bright light source. The Singapore visa photo should not be taken under a colorful lighting source.


  • The face of the applicant must be in clear focus and not too close or too far away from the camera. Photographs should not be elongated, distorted, or mirror-flipped. The picture must not be blurred or pixelated.  The facial expression should be neutral, and the month should be closed. The photo should not have red eyes. It is recommended not to manipulate the photographs with any photo enhancement features or filters using any mobile apps or computer software. Photos should reflect the applicant’s authentic skin tone. Any distinguishing features on the applicant’s face, such as scars, birthmarks, or wound marks should be clearly visible in the photograph.


  • Ensure that the photos clearly show your face above the shoulders. Shoulders, neck, face, eyes, ears, and hair must be visible.  Make sure your hair is well-groomed so that it does not obstruct your facial features if you have long hair or hair bangs on your forehead. Hair bangs, for example, can fall over an eye and hide it. It is best to pin it up away from the face. Strands of long hair falling on the shoulder or covering the ears should be tightly tucked away from the face.


  • Helmets, scarves, hats, bandanas, sunglasses, and face masks aren’t acceptable accessories. Religious headgear is permitted. If worn, it must contrast with the white background. A dark headgear is recommended when taking the Singapore visa photograph.


  • The eyes of the applicant must be clearly visible. If an applicant wears spectacles, the frames should not be too bulky so that they distort the size of the applicant’s eyes. Spectacle’s lenses should be clear and not tinted. The spectacle lens should be free of glare and the eyes should be clearly visible through the glasses. If it is not possible, it is best to remove the spectacles and take the photograph.


  • The applicant should face straight into the camera. The picture should not be taken from any angle. Faces should face the camera, with eyes looking at the camera in full frontal view.


Photographs are one of the main things to pay attention to when applying for a Singapore visa. Hence, know everything about Singapore evisa before starting the application process. As per Singapore visa specifications, every visitor to Singapore, irrespective of age and purpose of travel, must submit a recent photograph. Consulate officers take photographs very seriously, which is why extra attention should be paid to this feature in visa applications. If the photographs do not match the specified requirements, the Singapore visa can be delayed or completely rejected. To eliminate any room for error and to be stress-free in this matter, it is highly recommended to have a fresh photograph taken according to the Singapore visa photo requirements.

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