10 Dishes that Tell You Why Singapore is a Culinary Paradise

Singapore Dishes

Some people eat to live and some live to eat. If you are from the latter category, you are going to love what comes next. One of the greatest gastronomic journeys of our modern times is a food journey through Singapore. Singapore is one of the greatest cities of our modern times. Taking a Singapore holiday is a dream for many. And just like any good tourist destination, the city also has a rich history in food. Singapore is a country that is made up of various other Asian cultures, who have heavily influenced its cuisine. Today, the Singaporean cuisine is an amalgamation of the best Asian dishes. However, they have been modified to become uniquely Singaporean. Let’s check out the best 10 Singaporean food dishes that have earned Singapore the reputation of being a culinary paradise.

1. Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry

While most cuisines avoid using the fish head, Singaporean cuisine combines Chinese people’s fondness of fish head, and India’s curry to create an iconic dish. It is exactly as its name sounds. A fish’s head (Red Snapper) is cooked in a curry, comprising whole and powdered spices and coconut milk. There is also a Chinese version for people who cannot handle the spices. The fish head curry is a must-have when in Singapore.


2. Roti John

Roti John

Singaporeans are busy people, and the busy Singaporean’s favourite breakfast on-the-go is Roti John. There are quite a few versions of this dish, but the most common one can be found on the streets. Basically, this dish comprises of minced meat, eggs, tomato-chilli sauce and onions, cooked on one side of the bread. Roti John has become so famous that it is now available the world over.

3. Laksa


Available is the most remotest areas of Singapore, the laksa is a national favourite. Laksa combines rice noodles and curry/gravy made of spices and chilli, with added coconut milk for creaminess. It is garnished with tiny and salty prawns. Laksa is born from Chinese and Malay influences, and is one the most popular dishes.

4. Satay


Though there are claims by Malaysia and Thailand on being the original inventor of the dish, there’s a delicious version available in Singapore. Meat cooked over a fire, covered in chilli peanut sauce; it cannot get better than this. Satay’s street version is very popular, and is available throughout the night in hawker stalls.

5. Crabs

Crab Dish

Singaporeans and tourists alike, love gorging on giant crabs. There is no one particular dish. Each one has his own version, but the most popular one remains the Sri Lankan Crab. Cooked in spices, this delicacy will surely become one of your favourite dishes.

6. Hokkien Mee

Hainanese chicken rice with fried chicken

It would be a crime if you go to Singapore and not try this dish. This dish comes from the Hokkien people from China. Made with a combination of yellow egg noodles and rice noodles fried in eggs, the dish also contains a lot of fried veggies and seafood like shrimp and calamari. To further bring out the flavours, eat this dish with some chilli sambal. You will be left licking the bowl.

7. Kopi and Kaya Toast

Kopi and Kaya Toast

Every country has a famous breakfast dish, and Kopi and Kaya Toast is Singapore’s favourite. This country was once colonized by the British and this breakfast is reminiscent of those days. As you might have gathered, Kopi is actually the Singaporean version of coffee, which is quite delicious. The Kaya toast is paired with soft boiled eggs covered in soy sauce. Try this breakfast and you will be making it at home as well.

8. Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is the perfect example of how something simple can be elevated to the next level. This dish contains of boiled chicken, flavoured rice and sauce. But when eaten together, it is one of the best food you’ll ever eat.

9. Wanton Mee

Wanton Mee

This street food delight is so popular that every hawker has his own version. Egg noodles, wanton, boiled veggies, shrimp, and seasonings come together to create magic.

10. Orh Luak

Oyster Omelette

Orh Luak or Oyster Omelette is available throughout Asia. But the version available in Singapore is fantastic. Potato starch, eggs, bean sprouts, and raw oysters cooked in lard team up to make one of the tastiest breakfasts you’ll ever eat.

Food in Singapore is so important that there are Singapore street food tours organized for tourists, where they sample foods from different hawkers. This is why this city-state is considered to be a culinary paradise. So, apply for Singapore visit visa and holiday in Singapore, tasting the brilliant cuisine of the country.

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