5 Invigorating Picnic Spots at Singapore

marina bay garden

Singapore is acclaimed for its cuddled up and crowd pleasing harbour of the Asia Continent. It is well known for its peerless greenery and tropical environment offered by Mother Nature. Singapore is one of the sixth best world destinations. It’s a treat to enjoy this magical island (inclusive of multi-cuisines), entertainment hub and shopper’s paradise.

The Singaporeans speak in a range of different tongues, viz. English, Tamil, Malay, Mandarin Chinese and Standard Mandarin, which is one of the factors of their uniqueness. Buddhism is an extensively practised religion and Christianity being the next most, followed by Islam, Taoism, and Hinduism. Singapore experiences universal cultural activities for a country its size. This country is easy to navigate. The best option to commute is to take public transport like cabs and metros which are effortless, cozy and readily available to travel.

Singapore is the second largest casino gambling market. For all those gambling lovers, action packed casinos are here to earn some fortune. Singapore is also rated as the least corrupt countries in the world.

There are many ways you can rejuvenate yourself. The popular definition of “food and fun” you would like to hear is &SONS. It is an Italian feast cum contemporary musical restaurant where all family members sit together and eat together amidst some live performances. An open air entertainment!! The purpose of this break is to make the best use of a day’s holiday night out. It helps you maintain a good holiday-mood throughout. You can take full advantage of this planned, convivial “food” getaway.

To spend a perfect day out, you can choose from these handpicked picnic spots.

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Palm Valley in the Botanic Gardens is one of the best picnic spots Singapore is proud of. The Palm Valley has an enormous open space. So all you need is to pull your picnic mat, put on some shades, spread a perfect meal, and a superb company to relax under a palm tree and enjoy the scenic view of the Botanic Gardens.
Pick a Sunday evening so you can attend one of the many free classical music concerts that are held on the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage.

2. The Lawn @ Marina Bay

The Lawn at Marina Bay

How about a cookout right inside the Central Business District? The Lawn @ Marina Bay is the perfect place you’re looking for. The Lawn is located right above the Marina Bay Link Mall, making it act as a golden parachute in case you need to chip in some extra calories. The picturesque is so amazing to view the monstrous skyscrapers that surround The Lawn. You can also enjoy an excellent view of the waterfront. In case you encounter bad weather, you can take shelter inside the Marina Bay Link Mall until the rains subside.

3. The Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden is situated at Jurong East. A long calm walk has become a dream nowadays because of our busy hectic schedule. That’s where this park comes in. It is located right by the lake. Before you admire the beauty of the garden, take a long walk along the Rainbow Bridge which connect the Chinese and Japanese Gardens and cherish the details at every step on the constructing bridge. Bridges are one the main attractions, one can say. It is believed that the Rainbow Bridge in the Chinese Gardens was sculpted after the 17-arch bridge in Beijing’s Summer Palace.

4. Hindhede Nature Park

Hindhede Nature Park

Hindhede Nature Park is an excellent choice for all those who want a little peace and silence on their outing. The Nature Park is specially designed for families, with playgrounds for kids and a mini zip line for your toddlers. It is one most photogenic place in Singapore. After a well spent time, you can head to Hindhede Nature Park Lawn for your cookout to admire the view while you eat. The Nature Park is also a habitant for the banded woodpecker, clouded monitor lizard, greater racket-tailed drongo and plantain squirrel.

5. Kranji Reservoir Park

Kranji Reservoir Park

Kranji Reservoir Park is one of the hot favourites among fishing enthusiasts and weekend picnickers. Picnickers can also enjoy the view of the Johor Straits. After picnic, you can go down to one of Kranji Reservoir Park’s two fishing grounds to cast your lines or walk along the coast.

Do and Don’ts

  • A permit is needed before holding your BBQ or camp at any designated campsites.
  • Stay on track. Keep to the left so you don’t obstruct any fellow park goers.
  • Care and consideration is required when using any park facilities.
  • Keep noise levels low.
  • Park where you should.
  • Do not fly drones or remote-control flying devices in parks.
  • Do not smoke in areas that are designated as smoke-free.

What You Need to know

  • As Singapore is easy to navigate, even the new visitors can easily locate their any destinations. The transportation facilities are fully air-conditioned.
  • Tipping is considered offensive. Most of all the restaurants charge 10% as service tax. Therefore, there are no strings attached to pay anything extra unless you’re having local street food.
  • Eating, drinking water and smoking is strictly prohibited in public transport. There are designated smoking areas.
  • Singapore does not observe daylight saving time (DST), it follows the GMT+8 time zone.
  • Vehicles and people walking on the streets keep to the left.
  • Singapore is among the top countries with regard to order and security, absence of corruption and effective criminal justice.
  • Though the country is considered safe, there are few restrictions like any country has. Considering the details mentioned above and we assure your holiday voyage will be extravagant.

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