ArtScience Museum: An Esteemed Museum on Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Singapore, famed as the Lion City, is home to some spectacular tourist attractions. Over the last decade, Singapore tourism has exponentially increased. From being the commercial hub of South East Asia, Singapore has blossomed into an ideal destination to plan a fun-filled holiday with family. Foreign nationals need to have a Singapore visa, also called a Singapore tourist visa. Those who visit Singapore cannot ignore the impact of establishments like the Marina Bay Sands on its tourism. Marina Bay Sands is a destination for people who appreciate luxury and is notable for transforming the skyline of Singapore City.

There are more than 50 museums in Singapore, ranging from historical to toy museums. Wandering the halls and galleries of a well-curated museum is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in a foreign city. Wandering the halls and galleries of a well-curated museum is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in a foreign city. Singapore has museums for whatever suits your interests – contemporary art, rare stamps, military history, or toys. There is a museum in this Lion City to wow you! In Singapore, art galleries bring more variety to the local creative scene. One iconic structure that is part of the Marina Bay Sands resort, lining the waterfront promenade, is the ArtScience Museum Singapore.

The Architecture of the ArtScience Museum

Architecture ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum is an architectural wonder designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie at the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, located on Bayfront Avenue. The lotus-shaped building symbolizes the outstretched, welcoming hand with its ten fingers. The fingers are the petals with a unique base that holds them together. Each finger features different gallery spaces, and the windows at the fingertips curved dramatically, lets in natural light illuminating the interior. The museum’s roof channels the rainwater from the atrium to the center of the building in a small reflecting pool. This collected rainwater is recycled for use in the building. The museum is surrounded by a large lily pond, where the light shines upwards from the building at night, creating a connection between the earth and the sky.

About the ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum

The museum is known for hosting international exhibitions spanning 5000 square meters by partnering with renowned museums and galleries. Step into an immersive world of art, science, technology, and culture at the ArtScience Museum. Enjoy a multi-sensory experience through interactive artwork and impressive digital installations. The museum houses a permanent exhibit, Future World: Where Art Meets Science. The Future World’s story unfolds through four narratives – Sanctuary, City in a Garden, Park, and Space. Have an immersive journey through the kaleidoscopic world and media design studios in Virtual Realms. Dive into the world of sound art projects at Orchestral maneuvers.

Galleries in the Museum

With twenty-one gallery spaces, large-scale exhibitions have been held since its opening in February 2011 by some of the world’s best-known artists like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and M.C. Escher. Artifacts from the Titanic and items from the Harry Potter sets have been displayed earlier in the museum.

The permanent exhibitions in the museum are distributed into separate galleries based on different themes. Visitors enter Curiosity via a floating staircase. Inside you will find information about the thoughts and ideas considered when creating the ArtScience building. Upstairs is the Inspiration gallery. This multimedia room focuses on six objects, including Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machine, both a work of art and a forward-thinking scientific concept that helped in shaping the world of today. At the highest point is the Expression, a cinematic presentation emphasizing some great triumphs of art and science, including robots, flights, buildings, and maps.

On Going Exhibitions

1) Future World: Where Art Meets Science

Future World at Art Science Museum

Immerse yourself into a world of art, science, magic, and metaphor through a collection of digital interactive installations.

2) Radical Curiosity: In the Orbit of Buckminster Fuller

Journey through the universe of an inventor and visionary Buckminster Fuller across multiple disciplines, including architecture, art, engineering, design, mathematics, and metaphysics.

3) Attack of Titan

It is the best-selling dark fantasy manga and anime series where the last humans hide behind walls to fight against mindless gigantic humans.

4) Hope from Chaos: Pandemic Reflections

Hope from Chaos marks the second anniversary of the Covid 19 virus in Singapore.

5) Patricia Piccinini

Piccinini urges us to reflect on and explore our relationships with our ecosystem.

ArtScience Museum Tickets

ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum holds many exhibitions. Some are free, while most of them require an entry fee.

1) Single Exhibition Ticket (Any One Exhibition)

Standard: Adult: SGD 19, Concession: SGD 14
Local: Adult: SGD 16, Concession: SGD 12

2) Double Exhibition Ticket (Any Two Exhibition)

Standard: Adult: SGD 32, Concession: SGD 25
Local: Adult: SGD 27, Concession SGD 20

3) Triple Exhibition Ticket (Any Three Exhibitions)

Standard: Adult: SGD 50, Concession: SGD 38
Local: Adult: SGD 43, Concession: SGD 34

4) VR Gallery: We Live in an Ocean of Air

Standard: Adult: SGD 19, Concession: SGD 14
Local: Adult: SGD 16, Concession: SGD 12

The Concession ticket category includes children (2-12 years), senior citizens, students, and people with disabilities.

  • Admission fee includes booking fee, admission, and taxes.
  • The ticket allows only one-time entry to the exhibition, re-entry on the same day, and complimentary access to Level 4 galleries.
  • Charges may vary for special exhibitions.
  • You can book the ArtScience Museum tickets online through the official website. Offline, you can purchase the tickets from the ArtScience Museum Box Office or any of the Marina Bay Sands Box Offices.

Galleries and museums in Singapore are not just places to be inspired but also home to a diverse range of memorabilia, curate well-designed pieces that reflect your personality that you can take home and keep as a remembrance of your time on this island. The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is a great journey of discovery for kids and adults alike.

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