6 Enthralling and Fun Things to Do at Marina Bay, Singapore

Water and Light Show at Marina Bay

Marina Bay is one of the most recognized landmarks, not only in Singapore but also over the world. For most tourists, Marina Bay remains the first place to visit in Singapore, and it is only after they have taken in the unbelievable views and ambiance that they head to other destinations. As Singapore visa application centers have become ubiquitous, it has quickly become a favorite among tourists.

There’s so much to do – in terms of sightseeing, photo-ops, dining, entertainment, and relaxation – that one post may not suffice. But, I will try my level best to give you a lowdown on the best things to do at Marina Bay. I have been to Singapore thrice, and on all three occasions, I made it a point to spend an entire day at Marina Bay. While travel is highly subjective, I believe my tips on the best places to visit can help you plan your itinerary (and may be save some dollars). So, without further ado, let’s check out the Marina Bay area and what to do once you are there.

1. Take in Panoramic Views at Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer 

The world’s second largest observatory is a must-visit at the Marina Bay. Once aboard, you will have exhilarating views of not only Singapore, but also neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. The capsule takes half an hour to complete a revolution, meaning you have ample time to take in the views. The flyer has also become one a thriving cocktail and wine venue, with many events lined up throughout the year. Ticket prices vary, so we recommend you to check the official website of Singapore Flyer.

2. Take a Stroll at Sands SkyPark

Sands SkyPark

The Sands SkyPark’s observation deck is another great point to view the city in its full glory. You can still visit this place if you have been to the Singapore Flyer, as both places offer different experiences. There are dining and entertainment options in the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Entry to the renowned infinity-edge swimming pool has been restricted to guests who stay at the hotel.

3. Relax at Flight Bar & Lounge

Flight Bar & Lounge, Singapore

After you have taken the views at the Singapore Flyer and the SkyPark, it is time for some relaxation. What better way to do that than sipping on amazing cocktails and wine at the Flight Bar & Lounge. The lounge is packed during the weekends; during weekdays, you may have some time for yourself. I had a great time at the Flight Bar & Lounge, and highly recommend visiting this place.

4. Gamble Away at Marina Bay Sands Casino

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The casino at Marina Bay Sands is more than just a gambling den – it has gained reputation as an entertainment hub for its ‘jackpot’ machines. With over 500 gaming tables and 1,600 jackpot machines, spread over 15,000 square meters, you cannot ask for more. A photo-op for tourists is the world’s largest chandelier, made up of 130,000 Swarovski Crystals.

5. Experience Different Climates at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

If you are from Europe or cooler climes, and the humidity of Singapore has just started to irritate you, Gardens by the Bay can offer the much-needed relief. The climate-controlled conservatories give visitors an experience of different climates. Mediterranean, cloud forest, and tropical mountain weather – these are some of the climate types you can expect to experience at Gardens by the Bay. If you think this is it, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The highlight of the Gardens by the Bay is the “supertrees”, which are nearly 16 storeys tall.

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6. Enjoy the Free Spectacular Water and Light Show

Water and Light Show at Marina Bay

The water and light show at the river at Marina Bay Sands is truly spectacular. And, if you are wondering about the charges – well, it is absolutely free. The light and water show becomes a tourist hub, and by 7:45 PM, crowds swell at the place. On display is state-of-the-art technologies that create some of the most amazing scene that I have ever been witness to. I highly recommend being there at the right time so that you can get the best view of the place.

These were some of the best tourist attractions at Marina Bay. If it is your first time in Singapore or even if you have visited the place several times, the Marina Bay is a place you must visit. Spectacular views, myriad entertainment options, and above all – a display of what human endeavor can achieve. Let us know about your Marina Bay travel experience.

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