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Sentosa Island in Singapore is built purely for the purpose of entertainment and pleasure. The island is home to some of the best beaches in Singapore and an array of amusement parks and other entertaining attractions. It is one of the best places in Singapore to try adventure sports like bungee jumping at Aj Hackett Sentosa Singapore. Apart from this, you can also try skydiving here at iFly Singapore.

The prospect of skydiving is terrifying. Many aren’t sure if it’s the thrill of falling or the feeling of taking a flight that makes them uncomfortable. Well, iFly Singapore is here to remove all your fears and give you a taste of what skydiving is like. Intrigued about this attraction in Singapore? Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about iFly Singapore.


iFly, a thrilling experience founded in Orlando in 1998, made its debut in Singapore in 2011. iFly Singapore is Singapore’s first indoor skydiving attraction, located on Sentosa Island. that encourages visitors to enjoy the sensation of flying through the air like a bird. It bills itself as “the ultimate indoor adrenaline ride,” guaranteeing customers a taste of what it’s like to skydive! iFly Singapore has the world’s largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel, which blasts high-velocity air to imitate a skydiving experience when you leap out of the plane.

It boasts to be large enough for 20 people to ride at once. You have a free-falling experience equivalent to skydiving from 12000 to 3000 feet. The safety protocols and controlled simulations supervised by qualified instructors make it a safe and exciting adventure attraction. A session at iFly Singapore may possibly change your mind about leaping out of the plane and contemplating an adrenaline-pumping skydiving session outside in the future.

What Exactly Happens in an iFly Singapore Experience?

iFly Singapore

When you arrive at iFly Singapore, you must complete a few formalities, show your age proof, check your weight, and then wait for your turn.

Then you must change into flying suits, goggles, earplugs, and helmets, which are all essential safety equipment for your experience.

And you are ready to defy gravity! Don’t be concerned if this is your first time. An instructor will be present inside the wind tunnel at all times to guide you through your session. Before releasing you to enjoy an exhilarating session of flying and falling, they will ease you into the suspended position.

A session will last approximately one and a half hours and will include basic training and gearing up before entering the chamber. When you finish, you will be given a certificate! You can also stop by the kiosk to get a photo of your unforgettable iFly Singapore experience.

Location and getting there

iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore location is quite easy to access. It is located alongside the Beach Station on Sentosa Island’s Siloso Beach Walk. From Singapore, the Beach station is connected to all main modes of transportation.

Via Public bus, you can take no. 123 to Beach Station. If you are already in Sentosa Island, then you can also take the intra-island bus A, B or C or the Beach Shuttle to Beach Station. You can also get down at Harbourfront in Singapore and ride the Sentosa Express Monorail to this station. iFly Singapore is about a 5 to 6 minute walk from the Beach station.

Timings and Admission Tickets

iFly Singapore operates daily. From Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays, the attraction is open from 9 am to 10 pm. On Wednesday, the attractions stays open from 11 am till 10 pm. The last flight takes place at 9.30 pm.

iFly Singapore prices vary as per the package you choose.

For First-timers, the price starts from SGD 69 per person for 1 skydiving session. There are also several packages available that you can experience if you are a keen enthusiast. You can also book multiple skydiving sessions in one slot if you want to experience the adventure multiple times.

iFly Singapore

Tips for Travellers

Anyone, including those with disabilities, can enjoy the iFly Singapore experience. This delightful adventure is accessible to both children and senior adults. However, there are some criteria that must be met in order to be ready and eligible for this experience.

If you are shorter than 180 cms and weigh less than 120 kgs, you will be permitted. The weight limit is under 140 kgs for individuals taller than 180 cms.

Children aged 7 and up can participate in the experience. This ride is not suitable for pregnant women. All visitors will have to sign an indemnity form before they can enjoy the experience.

Due to safety concerns, you will not be permitted to ride if you have recently had surgery, fractures or dislocation, any back or neck injuries, or any heart problems. People who are under the influence of alcohol will also be denied entry.

Make sure you are dressed comfortably. Wear no clothing or accessories that could flap against your skin or get loose and fly away in the strong blast of air. A round neck T-shirt and jeans are recommended. Wear laced-up sneakers that will stay on your feet during the session and fit comfortably. Be sure to empty your pockets before donning the flight suit.

If you have long hair, knot it into a bun to prevent flying hair strands from interfering with your iFly experience. It is best to leave jewellery, watches, loose hair clips, and coins in your hotel before arriving here. There are lockers for rent at the attraction where you can keep your valuables. You can wear glasses because the goggles offered are designed to fit over any type of spectacles.

To avoid any problems on the day of your iFly Singapore session, arrive well ahead of time. You must arrive at the attraction at least an hour before your session begins.

It is not a problem if you have eaten before the session. Those who are nervous about eating a meal should forego it and grab a bite once the session is completed. Overall, the effect is similar to wind blowing on your face on a high-speed long drive.

Now that you have an idea about this fascinating Singapore attraction, , are you ready to give it a go on your next Singapore trip? While there are several new Singapore attractions, the iFly remains one of the most popular due to the thrill it offers to kids and adults. Hence, you shouldn’t miss it for the world! Also, make sure to take the Sentosa cable car ride Singapore while visiting this island to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the place.

Best for the Whole Family

There is a reason why this place is so special. It’s because of how iFly Singapore is truly a family-friendly location. You know, a few places claim to be “family-friendly” but they are more like having an eye on the kids while they play. However, as long as you are at least seven years old, iFly will surely give you the thrill. Just follow the instructions and guides and you are free to fly high quickly.

Ideal as a Group Activity

The more, the merrier. Flying is even more fun when friends and family are around. They have plans to cater to each group category and ensure a fun experience. There is also an option to stand at the Viewing Gallery and connect with the ones who are flying. This is an amazing way of having fun more than once, first by yourself, and then by watching your loved ones.

Lower-risk Sport

Now this is important. iFly offers supervision and guidance by our expert instructors throughout the entire duration of your flight. You will be given pre-flight training, and proper flying techniques in great detail. Not only this, you will also be assisted by helmets, goggles, and a flight suit as part of the comprehensive package.

With that said, all necessary steps will be taken to ensure maximum safety and minimum risks. You are free to fly worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the ideal dress code while visiting iFly?

A: iFly provides a facility of flight suits, rented footwear, helmets, and goggles. However, it is always a good idea to arrive in comfortable clothing. So, consider wearing tight and closed shoes with laces. Avoid wearing dresses, skirts, or collared shirts as these might cause discomfort to some extent.

Q2. What is the entire procedure at iFly Singapore?

A: The flight experience is given in groups. The attendees are at first briefed and trained for the best experience. Afterward, they are given safety equipment and guided to the wind tunnel. From there, each group member takes turns flying with the instructor.

Q3. Who all are allowed to fly?

A: There are certain medical restrictions for people who are allowed to fly. People with heart conditions, or back or neck injuries may not be able to fly. Moreover, iFly Singapore’s wind tunnel does not accommodate people above 120kg weight for heights less than 180 cm. People above 140 kg weight for heights more than 180cm are also not accommodated. Only kids above the age of seven may fly.

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