Types of Singapore Employment Visa and Their Requirements 2024


Singapore is a thriving economy with world-class infrastructure and amazing tourist attractions. It is an ideal destination for a job, vacation, and settlement. A significant portion of its population is Chinese, Malaysians, Indians, and Eurasian that making it a potpourri of multi-culture. It offers a dynamic business environment to companies. Foreign employees willing to work in Singapore are required to secure a work visa. If you’re interested to work in this amazing country, you must know these types of

Singapore Employment Visa And Their Requirements

Work Permit Singapore Visa

Employment Pass (EP)

Executives, professionals, managers, and specialists are applicable for this Employment Pass.

Requirements for EP

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) allows foreign nationals with higher qualifications to work in Singapore. Young applicants seeking a Singapore EP must hold a master’s degree from a reputed university/ institute and must be earning at least $4500 per month.

Experienced candidates need to demonstrate their skills and competencies for the applied job. They must also be drawing a higher salary abroad suitable to their overall experience. 

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

This Singapore work visa is applicable to Professionals, Managers, Executives, or Specialists.

Requirements for PEP

Foreign professionals applying for a PEP must be drawing a monthly salary of at least $18,000. The applicants must be earning this monthly salary for a minimum six months from the time of application for a PEP.

This figure varies for current PEP holders. Foreign nationals holding an EP must be drawing a fixed monthly salary of a minimum $12,000.

Who Is Not Eligible For PEP

  • Freelancers working abroad and intending to work on a freelance basis in Singapore with no direct employment.
  • Foreign nationals who are registered as a sole proprietor, partner, or director in any company of business registered with The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, which is a statutory board governed by the Ministry of Finance of the government of Singapore and listed as a shareholder in any such business or company.
  • Foreign nationals working abroad as a journalist, editor, sub-editor, or producer.
  • If you’re holding a PEP, you cannot start or set up your own company/business in Singapore.
  • S Pass – This Singapore work visa is for foreign nationals with mid-level skills. People serving abroad in the capacity of technicians can apply for S Pass. This pass is allocated as per the foreign worker quotas.

Work Permit for Foreign Workers

Only a selected industry offers this work visa to foreign nationals. The MOM has also designated certain countries from where workers can apply for work permits. Jobs under this category are usually available in the construction, service sector, marine shipyard, and manufacturing. People who are semi-skilled or unskilled apply for this work permit. The minimum age for this work visa is 18.

Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs)

Semi-skilled or unskilled foreign nationals willing to work in a person’s home in Singapore can apply for this work permit. This type of Singapore work visa is for those who are in between 23 to 30 years of age.  MOM offers this work permit to nationals from certain countries such as India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia to list a few.

Work Permit for Performing Artists

This work visa is for those foreign nationals who want to work in hotels, nightclubs, bars, and public entertainment outlets.

Singapore work visas for trainees and students

Training Employment Pass

This pass is available for those foreign nationals seeking to enrol in a training program to prepare themselves for a managerial, specialist, or executive role. The good thing about this pass is that there is no quota or foreign worker levy. The validity of this pass is three months.

Training Work Permit

This type of work visa is available for foreign students/trainees with semi or no skills but willing to undergo a practical training session in Singapore. The validity of this work permit is six months.

Work Holiday Pass

Foreign graduates or undergraduates in the age group between 17 to 30 years can apply for this pass. The pass is issued only once and it’s non-renewable with a validity of six months. However, citizens of certain countries such as Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, and Switzerland can only apply for this work holiday pass.

Short Term Singapore Work Visa

If you’re called by a certain organization/ institute/ or event organizer to be a guest speaker at a public event for which you’ll be earning a remuneration, then you must apply for a miscellaneous work pass. This means though you are in Singapore on a Visit Pass, you can still work as a journalist or a speaker at a public event. However, the validity of this work visa is just 60 days.

Q1. What is the smallest quantity of cash that one could have for working and obtaining a work
visa in Singapore?
Ans – At least INR 50,000 will need to be obtained by an individual for submitting a work visa to
Singapore from Indian nationals.

Q2. How long is the work visa valid for Singapore?
Ans- The duration of the Singapore work visa is two years. As long as the pass bearer is
employed by the firm, their Singapore Employment Pass is renewed.

Q3. Do Indians need to undergo medical exams to obtain a Singapore visa?
Ans- According to the paradigm, Indian nationals, who are visiting for less than a year, do not
need to undergo a medical check, since they are outside the host community only temporarily.
However, as in the case of vaccination with yellow fever where the earlier period is more than
one year, then the respective yellow fever vaccination certificate has to be submitted.
Q4. How long can I remain in Singapore when my work visa is already near its expiry date?

Ans – Singapore work visa is given for a fixed period without an extended stay limit. You are
bound to leave Singapore before the completion of your visa, if not it will be treated as an
overstay case.

Q5. One of the very important questions is how to get the Singapore work visa from India,
where are the requirements for applying?
Ans: The below-mentioned factors are taken by Singapore’s authorities for the work visa:
● All aspiring applicants must possess an original passport and be at the age of 18 anos or
older. For Indians, the Eldest charity person shall be not over 50 years old.
● The candidates should not go beyond the limit of staying in their province and steer clear of all
those jobs for which they don't hold a work permit.

Q6. How long does it take to process an Employment Pass?
Ans- Most employment pass applications filed online take up to three weeks to obtain a result
notice from authorities. It may take longer during busy periods or when more information is

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