Common Reasons for Singapore Visa Rejection


If you love to travel and explore new places and cities, Singapore is definitely a place you must visit. This amazing city has several things that would attract you to it. The wonderful Marina Bay, the ethnic China Town, the bustling Clarke Quay, the awe-inspiring Singapore Flyer, the really fun Universal Studios, the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, the iconic Merlion and the exciting Singapore Night Safari are some of the things that you would be able to see in Singapore. Apart from the places mentioned above, there are several other things that Singapore offers its tourists, some of which include delicious food and ample of shopping opportunities.

Singapore Visa

If you want to visit Singapore, the first thing you need to do is check out whether you need a visa. People belonging to UAE, USA and Europe, etc. do not require a pre-visa to enter Singapore. Citizens of these places receive a visa upon arrival. However, citizens of other countries need to get a visa before travelling to Singapore. These countries are divided into level 1 and level 2. Check out with the nearest Singapore Consulate to know whether you require a visa or not to travel to Singapore.

People who need a Singapore visa have to submit an application form along with a photograph and several documents for the visa process. They also have to pay a visa fee and a visa servicing fee at the consulate. It is necessary to apply for a visa at least one month before travelling. A tourist visa for Singapore takes almost 3-4 days while a business visa can take 5-7 days for processing. The minimum validity a Singapore visa is 30 days.

While a Singapore visa is a must to fly to Singapore, the final decision to provide you entry in Singapore rests on the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. These officials are the ones who decide how much time you can actually stay in Singapore, regardless of the validity of your passport. While most people get a Singapore visa readily, there are chances that your visa application is rejected by the Consulate or even the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. Moreover, they do not always give a reason for rejecting the visa. Nevertheless, here we have provided some of the reasons why your Singapore visa may get rejected.

Reasons for Rejection of Singapore Visa

While you may never know why you were denied entry into Singapore, these points may help you to find the reason. This will help you to avoid the same mistake while reapplying. With this note, let us take a look at the reasons.

Previous Visit

If you have already visited Singapore before and have been denied the visa the second time, you would be really surprised. In such cases, it would be best to analyze what you did wrong in the first place. If you have been caught from doing something illegal or unlawful during your previous visit, you are likely to be denied entry again. The same goes for the case if you have overstayed your visit. If you have stayed in Singapore even after the validity of your visa expired previously, you would be blacklisted and your next visa application would be rejected.

Current Visa Validity

The Singapore visa is issued only to those who do not have a visa. If your previous visa has not expired, you will not be given another visa. In short, you need to wait till your current visa expires to apply again.

Visa Refusal

Another reason for the refusal for visa to Singapore would be that your visa application was rejected quite recently. If you re-applied for a Singapore visa soon after your first rejection, the chances of getting rejected again are quite high. Hence, it is best to wait for some time before you apply again. You may consult a travel agent or a visa service agent to know when would be the best time to apply again for a visa to go to Singapore without the chances of getting rejected again.

Double Application

People who have applied for a visa to Singapore twice are likely to get rejected. The Singapore Consulate rejects double visa applications. You may have applied twice to get the visa quickly. But this will backfire, and you will not be able to reapply for some time. Hence, apply for a visa only once.

Unclear Photograph or Invalid Documents

If the photograph is unclear, your visa may get rejected. Photographs that are blurred are not accepted by the Singapore Consulate. Your photo must be bright and should show all your features clearly. The background should be white in colour. Also, make sure that the photograph is a recent one (not more than 3 months). Apart from this, submitting invalid documents can also cause your visa to be rejected. If your passport has less than 6 months of validity, your visa will be definitely be rejected. Moreover, discrepancies in the information provided on the application form in comparison to the details available on the passport can also cause visa rejection.

While these may be some of the reasons for Singapore visa rejection, you cannot be completely sure as the Consulate never explains the cause of rejection. However, one must do the best to prevent rejection. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Make sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity while applying for a Singapore visa.
  • Ensure that all the fields are filled correctly. Avoid any kind of factual or spelling mistakes.
  • All the documents that you submit should be valid.
  • Make sure that your previous visa is not valid before applying for a new visa.
  • Read the tips to get your Singapore visa online so that you avoid the common mistakes that people make
    while applying for one.

The final decision about approval and rejection of visa rests on the Singapore Consulate and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. But you can avoid rejection just by doing the right things. If you are unsure about the visa application process, it would be best to rely on a travel agent to do the needful. They are professionals who have the right training and knowledge to guide you in visa processing applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time to approve a Singapore visa does it take?
The process depends mostly on the application. Eliminating weekends and public holidays, a
visa mostly takes 3-5 business days to get approved.

2. Can I apply again for a Singapore visa after it gets rejected?
Yes, you can always reapply for a Singapore visa. Do consider finding flaws in your previous
application and rectifying them in the new one.

3. Can the rejection of my Singapore visa affect future travel?
It will depend upon the reason for the rejection. For instance, forgery of any documents or being
untrue about any important information might lead you to get banned from visiting the country.

4. For how long should I wait before reapplying after my visa got rejected?
Although there is no set period to wait, you should take your time collecting all the documents
and reapply with a strong application.

5. In what way can I increase my chances of getting a visa by reapplying after
Thoroughly check your former application to understand where you would have committed any
mistake and address any shortcomings. Ensure all documents are complete, valid, and accurate and provide a clear and detailed explanation for your visit to Singapore. You might consider seeking professional guidance from a visa consultant or lawyer.

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    1. Thanks for the inquiry Muzaffer. Please send your details like current residence, nationality, contact number, email id? So that our visa experts will contact you soon.

      1. hi Sagar this is meena from India…1st time I got my visa approved and the second when i applied for my visa it got it rejected…bcoz my 1st did int get expire so that is the reason of rejection…7 months went now …so can i apply tourist visa now??

  4. I want to apply for singapore tourist visa but,I am unemployed currently. WI’ll my visa be rejected.I quit my job 4 months ago and I stay in hyderabad.

  5. Hi, my name Muhammad imran and i’m here on investor visa i applied for singapore visa but they rejected its my first time to visit this country i already visited other countries like malayshia and thailand. do you have any suggestions about this for me how should i apply again for this. last time i apply for this on 13 February 2017, here is my no. 0509090685 if you have any solution then plz let me know thanks

    1. Hi Muhammad. Thanks for the inquiry. Exact reason I cannot tell. But it might be documents problem. If you wish to reply just check all the requirements to apply for the Singapore visa. For 100% assurance of getting your Singapore visa, visit or you can feel free to contact us on our toll free no 80072962. Thank you.

        1. Hi Ranabothu,
          Thanks for the inquiry. It depends on the reason you are rejected. So will need to check your documents, nationality….So kindly contact on our toll free no 80072962 or on mob no 971 56 114 7879. You can also mail us on
          Thank you.

  6. Hi my friend applied for Singapore tourist visa. He’s an Indian and this is his first visit but his visa has been rejected. Can you please help us to apply again

    1. Hi Iysha. Thanks for the inquiry. The visa rejection might be because of the documents submitted & their verification. So once again check the documents & also also check for more you can submit for easy verification process. If still you have any issues, you can contact our visa experts on 80072962 or visit our website

  7. Hi,
    I am from India and I have applied for Singapore visitor visa extension, but its get rejected . I have only 5 more working days to stay. Shall I reapply on the next week again . will it be possible to get a positive result and is that become a problem, if I reapply ?? Please suggests, its bit urgent

    1. Hi Praveenkumar. Sorry for the late reply. First you check all the documents you are going to submit. May be something is missing or something might not verified. So check it & reapply it again.

  8. Hello
    My husband and me applied for the singapore visa alongwith our 2 yr old son in september. Consulate hold our passport for 21days.My husband’s visa got rejected and surprisingly me and my son got the visa. We asked our travel agent for the reason behind rejection. He told us that some ppl having Muhammad as their first name face rejection ( one of the most stupid reason i have ever come across). Our problem is that my visa is valid for only 2 months. Should my husband reconsider reapplying for visa?

  9. Hi , I’m a korean girl . I got a same problem as your post about entry rejected in sg. Plz help me and notice any advice . My we chat ID is imxia79 and my email address is I will wait ur contact thx

  10. hello , i have applied for tourist visa but the second page of the form was filled with cursive handwritting so will be any problem for visa approval and more ever i have applied through travel agent

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    I have to travel to Singapore in 3 weeks for an event my company is hosting. I haven’t traveled abroad before so I didn’t bother to renew my passport. I recently reissued my passport after my old passport expired 8 years ago. Along with passport, I submitted my last 6 months bank statements of salary account for Visa application. I never maintained much balance at the end of every month however my transactions have been frequent and around INR 50K (USD 100). I didn’t have much balance in the last month, my salary got credited this month. Would there be any issue I will face for the visa to be issued for me. My Boss is booking the Visas. I have submitted my old and new passport, bank statement (not a nationalized bank, its a private international bank) payslips & company letter and photographs. I’m from India.

  12. I would like to explore Singapore as a tourist. Do I need Letter of Introduction (LOI)?

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