10 Tips to Get Your Singapore Visa Online


Singapore, the land known as the melting pot of culture welcomes visitors from across the world. It is one of such places where you can witness incredible ethnic diversity in every nook and cranny. The gorgeous islands and beaches, architecture and wildlife, diverse lands, diverse foods, people and community, there are many things to engulf in this tiny yet wonderful city-state. Be it for adventure, history, nature, or relaxation, Singapore has a ton lot of things that will fill your vacation. However, to enjoy this memorable vacation you will need a Singapore visa.

With an upsurge in overseas visitors, the authorities of Singapore have made the application process for a Singapore visa much easier and simpler. There are different types of visas issued by Singapore that are approved depending on your nationality and the reason for travel. Yes, you can tour with or without a visa with your eligibility criteria or you could also avail yourself of a Singapore e-visa or visa on arrival. But do note there are always some formalities to fulfil. So, this article covers tips to get your Singapore visa online.

10 Tips to get your Singapore visa Online

1. Start your research ASAP!

Once you decide on traveling to Singapore DO NOT wait until the last minute. As a foreigner travelling to a different nation, you should do some basic research on culture and local and visa updates. this is one of the essential tips when travelling that will ensure you know and understand where you are going. And most importantly the visa documents will take a lot of time. You should ensure that you have plenty of time to gather the documents, apprehend what type of visa you need to apply for and learn about the requirements that should not be missed.

2. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of Singapore

you have to understand that knowing the requirements of a Singapore visa is a crucial step. The requirements vary from one type of visa to another which asks for various documents that support your visa type and purpose of travel.

You can simply visit the official website singaporevisa.ae and know about the requirements for your visa or you can also find an article that gives you sufficient knowledge on the visa requirements. You can also contact an expert agent who will give you all the information on such requirements that you need to prepare when traveling to Singapore.

3. Learn how to apply for a Singapore visa online

Knowing a way to apply for a visa to Singapore will save plenty of time and money. For instance, rather than seeking out a travel agent, you may easily apply for a visa online or through the embassy or consulate.

You can locate several options available to apply for a visa but relying on your necessities and satisfaction, you need to decide which alternative is the best for you:

  • Apply online by visiting the officiate of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) through a local contact in Singapore, a strategic partner, or an authorised agent.
  • Apply through visa agents that are recognised and certified by the Singapore High Commission.

4. Get your documents organised

Well, obtaining the right documents is always a daunting task, but is important to get them when applying for a visa. Start by gathering the primary documents such as your passport, employment certificates, educational certificates, LOI for Singapore, etc. and then go to supporting documents that will show your authenticity to travel. ensure to check and re-check the requirements and that you have all the documents needed for the visa application.

Remember, false, incomplete, or insufficient documents can result in the rejection of your Singapore visa. it is one of the most significant steps and make sure to keep them organised.

5. Do not book the flight tickets yet

Singapore flight

One of the foremost things to consider while applying for a Singapore visa is that you don’t have to hurry in booking your flight tickets unless it is a peak season or until you are too sure approximately it. For example, if you are applying for a Singapore visa online that is through the ICA portal, this method does not require you to submit copies of flight tickets. However, if you are transiting through Singapore, it is mandatory to submit the copies of booked flight ticket to your onward destination.

6. Apply for your Singapore visa early

Apply Singapore visa online

A visa application processing time varies depending on your visa type and nationality. This means your visa can be approved either in the provided working days or may get delayed or rejected due to various reasons. So, you are recommended to start your visa application procedure as early as possible.

If you have any local contacts in Singapore, they can apply for a Singapore visa online on your behalf. They are able to virtually employ their SingPass account and observe for the visa online. They can simply make use of their SingPass account and apply for the visa online.

7. Learn and avoid mistakes when applying

Double-check and triple-check your documents and the accuracy of the information that you are providing with the visa application. You have to make sure that the application form is filled completely and accurately without any errors and matches the documents for the visa.

Any tiny mistakes that either delay or completely reject your application. Some of the mistakes that you should look out for include:

  • Submitting damaged or expired passport
  • Incorrect or false information on the documents
  • Unclear about the purpose of travel
  • Could not prove you would return back to your country
  • Non-disclosure of criminal record
  • Denied application previously

8. Be patient on your application

Once you have applied for a Singapore visa, you should take a look at the status of your application periodically to make certain that your visa is being processed. You must be patient and await the decision to be made to your visa application carried out online. There are always some possibilities to differ so you should wait till the choice is made for your application. You can track the status of your application online through the ICA portal. All you need is your passport details and visa reference number.

9. Get ready with your visa

Once your visa is permitted, you will get hold of a notification to your e mail which needs to be downloaded and printed. Also, remember to carry additional documents that are vital for your trip.

Make sure to keep your visa safe. After you arrive at the point of entry, the immigration officers will verify and check your documents. So, provide the documents valid for your visit to Singapore.

10. Plan your itinerary

Planning Singapore travel itinerary

Singapore might be a small country but has so much to offer. After you get your visa approved, you are advised to plan your trip according to your time limit and what you want to explore. You can either choose to take a city tour or be adventurous and venture into the wild of Singapore. You can also indulge in various entertainment that offers some of the best moments of your life.

That’s It!
This is all you need to follow when applying for a Singapore visa online. Hopefully, you now have
all the information on how to get your visa applied and what you need to present at the Singapore immigration and checkpoints authority.


When should I apply for a Singapore visa?

You are advised to apply for a Singapore visa in advance that is at least four to six weeks before your intended travel date.

Can I work in Singapore with a tourist visa?

No, a tourist visa does not permit the holder to engage in any employment in Singapore.

What should I do if my visa gets rejected?

If your Singapore visa gets rejected you can reapply it with additional support documents and avoid mistakes this time.

Can I track the status of my visa application?

Yes, you can easily track your visa application status through the ICA portal.

How long is the processing time for a Singapore visa?

Your Singapore visa may usually take 3-4 working days excluding public holidays.

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