Top Incredible Things to Do in Chinatown, Singapore


Chinatown in Singapore offers you a completely new and unique experience in contrast to the Singapore city. It is home to low-rise buildings, culturally rich streets, delicious traditional cuisines, bold red and gold tones which are part of this popular street. Definitely one of the classical Singapore points of interest, Chinatown offers great variety and diversity in terms of what to see do and eat in Singapore. With an array of ornate Buddhist, Chinese, and Hindu temples, museums, there is plenty in store for you as you would move through the streets soaking up the bustling streets that are decorated with old shop houses. No trip to Singapore would be termed complete without a visit to the popular Chinatown. We have prepared a list of things to do in Chinatown Singapore which will give you a fair idea of what to expect when you visit here during your Singapore holidays.

1. Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple

You can easily count it as one of the oldest shrines and the first Hindu temple present in Singapore and a prominent place of worship for the Tamil Hindus. Built as an honor to the Goddess Mariamman in the year 1827 by an Indian trader, Naraina Pillai using a Dravidian architectural style with a grand gopuram, the entrance tower which is surrounded by six tiers filled with ornate sculptures of Hindu mythology and culture. The year 1862 saw a remodification done to its existing structure and since then it has undergone numerous renovations. New immigrants also take asylum in this place. Every evening this place is home to the daily rituals and prayers.

2. Thian Hock Keng Temple

Thian Hock Keng Temple

Popularly named as the temple of happiness, this structure is probably the oldest and the most interesting Chinese temple still standing in Singapore. Build in the year 1820, this temple was dedicated to Ma Zu-Po, the Mother of Heavenly Sages and also considered as the protector of sailors. Set in the center of Chinatown with a curved, tiled roof and spectacular carvings, intensively decorated beams and gold-leafed panels, along with colorful painted doors, this ancient structure has slowly given rise to be the hub of the Hokkien community and other popular Chinese groups. It houses several stage performances and various Chinese culture celebrations.

3. Chinatown Street Market

Chinatown Street Market

This is undoubtedly one of the most happening and busiest tourist attraction in Singapore. With intensive tourism and commercialization, this is the place to be if souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home is on your mind. Believe it or not, you will have to research really well to beat the price offered here in the street market. Absorb the vibrant colors, sounds coming from several stalls which sell everything to silk robes to lucky charms to lanterns and much more. With an array of food street vendors serving delicious and mouth-watering stuff, you just can’t ask for more from a shopping destination.

4. Baba House

Baba House, China Town Singapore

An ancient Peranakan terrace house is visible even from a distance, thanks to its bright blue texture. Once home to the Peranakan, or the descendants of the 19th-century Shipping businessman and a Chinese immigrant, Wee Bin. The house today is exclusively dedicated to promoting Peranakan culture. With a century old furnishing on display, this place provides guided tours only on prior appointment. Do book your tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute disappointment on missing out one of the most informative tours in Chinatown.

5. Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge

Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge

If you wish to end your day on a high, then head to the mesmerizing sky-high view from the Duxton Skybridge post sunset. You get a chance to view this spectacular scene for as low as 5 SGD. But do hurry, as the number of visits is limited to 200 as the view is set on the tallest residential building in the world (about 50 storeys high). Check out Chinatown and the Sentosa Island like never before. A 360° view of the city is something which you cannot definitely miss out during your Singapore holidays. Do carry your EZ-link card which you use for public transport around the city.

6. Red Dot Design Museum

Red Dot Museum in Singapore

You definitely cannot miss visiting this red colored building. Set as one of the biggest design museums in Asia. It houses several designs which have won the popular Red Dot award: Design Concept. Get an altogether different view of various objects and explore the mystery hidden in the innovations on display. The current exhibitions have exhibited and popular in every town in Singapore, thanks to its intense marketing techniques and various media mediums used by the organizers. Discover the magic in the spectrum of designs starting from advertising posters, computers, household appliances, and packaging.

7. Hong Lim Park

Hong Lim Park

Being the garden city known for its lush green atmosphere, parks in Chinatown cannot be missed out. This small park is popular for the liberty tourists and visitors experience while speaking their mind out. The talk should be about Singapore culture and not highlighting any religion. Protests are a common feature in this park with police permission. Enjoy a relaxing shade on weekdays and check out the cheery debates on weekends.

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