Savo The Beauty of The Best Beaches in Singapore During Your Family Vacation 2024

Punggol beach

You can probably argue that many Singapore beaches are man-made, but you simply can’t ignore the beauty of the picturesque beaches in Singapore. A perfect spot for a family vacation, Singapore beach holidays can’t be figured at a better time with the summer season on. With an array of world-class beach hotels in Singapore, you will never be short of memorable moments during your entire trip.

A perfect relaxing atmosphere amidst the calm sea waves wiping the white sandy beaches. You can’t ask for a more rejuvenating experience. We have prepared a list of the best Singapore beaches which should be on your checklist of the places to visit during your Singapore holidays.

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Singapore beaches are focused in two main areas:

  • Sentosa Island: Blessed with picturesque views and stunning landscape that has turned into a tourism monster

  • Eastern Singapore: offers a great local experience for fun activities such as swimming, camping, and enjoying a delicious meal.

Sentosa Island Beaches

Geared up for tourists with plenty of man-made activities, the beaches here offer you a perfect getaway from the busy life of the city. One of the popular Singapore beach resorts include the Resorts World Sentosa and the Universal Studios dominate the tourist attractions in this man-made sandy beaches.

1.Palawan beach

Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Situated in the center of the southern tip of the Sentosa Island, the Palawan beach is popular for its pirate-themed water park and its clear water. With swaying palm trees, expansive turquoise blue water, lively beach bars, and shimmering white sand, Palawan beach is easily the best beach in Singapore. The Port of Lost Wonder is a pirate-themed park which is a hot-spot among kids and adults alike with features like a pirate ship, wooden beam towers, several treasure boxes, and a Rope Bridge. You can indulge in lazy lounging or swimming. Other popular features include a play area, souvenir shops, restaurants offering world-class cuisine, and beach shelters.

2.Silosa beach

Silosa beach

Easily one of the most buzzing beach in Singapore, the Silosa beach is popular for its beach sports like beach volley, beach riding, laid back food counters, and banana rides. An active picnic spot with several activities to indulge in. There is something for all age groups at the Siloso beach. One of the tourism monsters in Singapore, you can also indulge in horse riding, volleyball, partying, dancing, canoeing, beach tram. You can also check out the beachfront hotel, little shops, walkways, and pavilions.

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3.Tanjong beach

Tanjong beach

There can’t be a better destination for a beach party in Singapore. Popular for its happening beach parties that are organized by the Tanjong beach club. Secluded on the southern coast of Sentosa, it is blessed with a stunning crescent-shaped beach line, tropical palm trees swaying at times, and shallow warm water, and glittering white sand. The world-class facilities which you can indulge in are shelters, rental bikes, deck chairs, beachside swimming pool, cabanas, loungers, and much more.

Eastern coast Singapore beaches

1.Changi Beach

Changi Beach

One of the tropical beaches in Singapore which is popular for its walking trails of the Changi beach park and its plane spotting. Situated on the east coast, the Changi beach is spread over 28-hectares and has several activities for the entire family, fitness freaks, and leisure lovers. People come here from all over the country to watch the low flying planes that are expected to land at the Changi Airport. Other activities which you can indulge in are children’s playground, beach barbecues and barbecue pits, camping, park benches, paved walking trail, shelters, and cycling trails.

2.Punggol beach

Punggol beach

Easily one of the most offbeat beaches in Singapore. The Punggol beach is popular for its virgin beauty which is complete with heavenly peace. With several parts of the Punggol beach yet to be discovered, you are surely in for some exploration on this beach. For the peace seekers and couples, this place is like heaven for them. Even though it is well-connected by MRT shuttle and bus, the beach is not visited by many travelers and visitors. Other facilities available at the beach are walking trails, jetty station, an eatery, and proper signboards.

3.Kusu Island

Kusu Island

Come home to the unexplored beaches of Singapore, the Kusu Island is popular for its Turtle Sanctuary and the causeway between two island pieces. The Turtle Sanctuary is home to several hundreds of turtles. But the beauty of the beaches lies in its pristine nature. You will be in awe seeing the natural beauty that surrounds the beach in the form of clear waters, lush green trees, colorful sky, and white sandbars. The other facilities which are available on the beach are paved paths, beach shelters, cabanas, and many food counters. Camping is not permitted on this beach due to the safety concerns of the turtles.

4.Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island

The Lazarus Island has a tropical feel with its tranquil atmosphere and turquoise blue waters. One of the best-kept secrets, the Lazarus Island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Singapore. A perfect ambiance for people looking for a weekend getaway. Some of the key features include white sand, turquoise water, and a cheerful atmosphere. It can easily give tough competitions to many honeymoon destinations in Asia. Other facilities include footpath, several food counters serving exotic seafood and other Singapore delicacies, and beach pavilions.

5.Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Get a village-like atmosphere, which features simple living and tranquilizes peace offering nirvana among the busy life of Singapore. The popular Chek Jawa wetland beaches are known for its secluded beaches, unique architecture, and lush plantations which catch the attention of many tourists. One of the local delicacies which you should try out is fresh fish and octopi which easily steals the show. Other facilities which are available are walkways, souvenir shops, restaurants, local stays, local eateries, rental bikes, cycle paths, and the Jawa visitor center with viewing jetty.

Singapore beaches is a paradise for the beach lovers. You can probably get on a high with the azure waters, sandy beds, sun-tan loungers, and the swishing trees with beach parties and beach sports further enthralling them. The seasons between the months of November to March offers the perfect weather for some beach games.

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