5 Cool Facts About The Man-Made Islands In The UAE

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The UAE is a record-setter with impressive skyscrapers, including the tallest building in the world, world-class malls, an island dedicated to the Ferrari motor giant, redefining luxury and opulence with ultra-luxurious hotels, and plenty of yellow metal & other precious metal shopping centers. Adding to the features to its immensely popular cap is the ambitious projects of man-made islands in the UAE: The Palm Jumeirah, Al Maryah Island, Palm Jebel Ali, Yas Island, The World Islands, Saadiyat Island, Deira Island, Nurai Island, and Bluewater Islands. All these islands have made people go in awe and recognize the monumental conquest of man over nature.

These man-made wonders are settled on the coast of the UAE and offer an enchanting and luxurious accommodation facilities with top-notch hotels, resorts, fine dining establishments, water parks, shopping centers, and dazzling beachfront villas. We have listed some cool facts about these man-made wonders in the UAE. An Abu Dhabi City Tour would definitely feature a visit to these artificial archipelagoes. These artificial islands are a true reflection of a modern world and bold examples of state-of-the-art architecture and design.

1.Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was the brain behind these massive architectural marvels

The Emir of Dubai and the prime minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was the mastermind behind these artificial archipelagoes. He spent the last two decades looking for ways to transform UAE into a world-class tourist mecca. Due to the declining turnover of oil in the Persian Gulf, we wanted the UAE to stand on its feet and survive without the petrodollars. His greatest challenges were geographic and to beat the monumental Mother Nature. Thanks to his persistence, the UAE stands as a hot-spot for tourists from all over the world and tourism contributes a major portion to the development and sustenance of the UAE economy.

2.All the islands were made with a process called Land reclamation

Land reclamation is a process in which sand is dredged from the Persian and Arabian Gulf floors and sprayed and Vibro-compacted into various shapes using modern technology such as GPS for precision and nestled in between millions of rocks for protection. Several rounds of feasibility studies were carried out to review the major components of these man-made islands namely marina design, technology, civil engineering, and transportation. Sand, Geo textile fiber, and small & medium rocks form a breakwater crescent to shield the islands against natural disasters such as typhoons or storms. There are several tours in Abu Dhabi that are organized to give you a deeper insight into the phenomenal concept of Land reclaiming through artifacts and interactive displays.

3.The top 10 artificial islands in the world feature 3 man-made islands in the UAE

The Palm Islands Dubai, the World Islands, and the Burj Al Arab Island feature in the top 10 artificial islands. These tourism-cultural projects were built for nature and preserving the Emirati cultural heritage. These artificial islands are probably the answer to the world’s growing need for land. These islands also act as unique platforms for several other purposes, including scientific, ecological, industrial, and other needs. These islands have housed residential floors and villas, ultra-luxurious hotels, water parks, theme parks, museums, and plenty of other world-class attractions. As these are planned properly, these islands can to an extent solve the problem of rising water levels in the world.

4.These man-made islands were meant to pull tourism and expand the coastline of the UAE

Tourism and extending the coastline were the two major factors why the UAE government undertook these massive ambitious projects. The UAE was heavily dependent on oil reserves for running its economy post the oil boom. The Palm Islands Dubai bought a major revolution in changing the face of the UAE in the international community. With the depletion of oil reserves of the Persian Gulf, the UAE wanted something special to revive its economy and tourism was seen as one of the big factors which could influence the state of the economy. The UAE today is one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in the world. All thanks to this mighty revolution, these artificial islands have added to the aesthetic value of the world.

5.The man-made islands is not just a tourist attraction, but a major engineering project

Al Nakheel properties (Palm Islands) and Meraas Holdings (the World Islands) took more years than anticipated to finally conquer over nature. It is a true reflection of a remarkable design and engineering excellence to complete these ambitious and mega real estate developments in the UAE. These islands ooze class, elegance, and is opulent to the core. A perfect dream spot for the ultra-rich, this place comprises of everything you can probably dream of. The waters around these fabulous islands are full of spirited marine life on the Arabian Gulf and provide world-class facilities to tourists and visitors. The immaculate geometry has given these islands a unique shape and massive scale to the project. The Palm Islands on records stand to be one of the few rare landmarks in the world which are visible from space.

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